Do Farmers Have Choices? Sunday, Jun 23 2013 

This is a good blog to show Farmer’s perspectives on seed growing choices, and their viewpoints regarding same.

[ j. l. d. ] Photograph Blog

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There seems to be a consensus going around that farmers have no choice when it comes to the seed they choose to plant. Or if they do have a choice, large corporations like Monsanto force it upon them. And if anybody tries to voice their opinion and let the farmer’s themselves speak upon their choices, the individual suddenly becomes a pawn for Monsanto.

Okay so the above example may be a little extreme. Doesn’t mean I haven’t seen it happen again and again online. Why is it that because we are behind a computer it gives us the license to be disrespectful? Anyway, back to farmers. I was interested in what the farmers themselves have to say about their seed choices, how they choose the seed they do, and why do they CHOOSE to plant GMOs or maybe they don’t? So I asked several farmers some questions… And here’s what…

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A somber remembrance Sunday, Jun 23 2013 

This is a somber reminder that other people’s pain is our pain also!

Life of A Fallen Angel

As a veteran and a Marine today is one of those days that I am haunted by the past. I look to the left and right of me, no one is there but I still see the faces of friends who have fallen before me. Lives I’ve held in my hand but let slip through my fingers like water in a stream.

Dead baby jokes whispered quietly just under the ringing in my ears. Laughs shared; tears shed. My brothers in arms, my family; or at least the closest thing I ever had to family. Not a day goes by where I don’t think about how many of them, people I knew, will have their wives or girlfriends wake up in the morning and roll over to an empty bed, the warmth stolen from them just like the last breaths of their loved ones.

What do you tell a woman when you…

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I Am Addicted To Failure. Sunday, Jun 23 2013 

Very good ‘Food For Thought’ for anyone going through a similar fog in their lives. This tells another persons story, so you are not alone out there.

Winking Sunday, Jun 23 2013 

This is an excellent article about the effects of a Stroke which can sometimes be a bit more heartening than others have experienced, sadly!

Angelina Jolie and the history of breast cancer Sunday, Jun 23 2013 

This is one version of breast cancer which fortunately is not as common, but nevertheless makes excellent reading.


Greetings, all. The Doctor is In.

Sad news today, I’m afraid. Last Tuesday, the New York Timespublished a letter from actress, director and WHO ambassador Angelina Jolie. Jolie wrote that she had undergone a double mastectomy (that is, removal of both breasts.) Following her mother’s the death at a young age from cancer, Jolie said that she had been genetically tested. She had discovered that she, too, also carried a particular mutation in her BRCA1 gene that raised her risk for breast and ovarian cancer enormously.

For most women, the risk of breast cancer is around 12%; but some mutations of the BRCA1 gene increase that risk. The degree of increased risk the mutation causes varies, depending on the type of mutation and how many mutated copies of the gene the woman carries. On average, a harmful BRCA1 mutation raises a woman’s risk for breast cancer to 60%; Jolie…

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Sickened By The NHS Part 10. (Final EXIT!) Monday, Jun 17 2013 

A Nurse’s Reply

What do we see, you ask, what do we see?

Yes, we are thinking when looking at thee!

We may seem to be hard when we hurry and fuss,

But there’s many of you, and too few of us.

We would like far more time to sit by you and talk,

To bath you and feed you and help you to walk,

To hear of your lives and the things you have done;

Your childhood, your husband, your daughter, your son.

But time is against us, there’s too much to do –

Patients too many, and nurses too few.

We grieve when we see you so sad and alone,

With nobody near you, no friends of your own.

We feel all your pain, and know of your fear

That nobody cares now your end is-so near.

But nurses are people with feelings as well,

And when we’re together you’ll often hear tell

Of the dearest old Gran in the very end bed,

And the lovely old Dad, and the things that he said.

We speak with compassion and love, and feel sad

When we think of your lives and the joy that you’ve had.

When the time has arrived for you to depart,

You leave us behind with an ache in our heart.

When you sleep the long sleep, no more worry or care,

There are other old people, and we must be there.

Sp please understand if we hurry and fuss –

There are many of you, and too few of us

Liz Hogben


He was a child before he was born

Now he is helpless, old and forlorn.

He was a husband, long years ago

He walked with his wife, their cheeks all aglow.

His wife was a mother, she had babes at her breast

Caring for others and giving her best.

He was man, salute him for this

Now he is withered and harder to kiss.

Speak to him gently and nurse him with pride

Now as he waits to sail with the tide.

Ours are the last hands he’ll ever hold

Let him know love now he is old.

Kathy Doyle


~Act Thirty~

  • To recant what mum was given on the 7th:
  • 7-9am mum was given:

2G Ceftriaxone IV

1G Paracetamol Calpol

40mg Furosemide Oral

5mls Carbamazepine Oral

5mg Salbutamol Neb

0.5mg Atrovent Neb

  • At 12-2pm mum was given:

500mg Clarithromycin IV

7500units Dalteparin SC

1G Paracetamol Calpol

5mg Salbutamol Neb

0.5mg Atrovent Neb

  • At 4-6pm mum was given:

1G Paracetamol Calpol

1000mg Vancomycin IV

  • At 5.10pm mum was given:

40mg Furosemide IV

  • At 7pm mum was given:

1G Paracetamol IV

  • At 10-12pm mum was given:

1G Paracetamol IV

  • Now for the 8th!
  • At 7-9am mum was given:

1G Paracetamol IV

40mg Furosemide  (Oral but patient couldn’t swallow therefore not given)

5mls Carbamazepine (Oral but patient couldn’t swallow therefore not given)

5mg Salbutamol Neb

0.5mg Atrovent Neb

  • On the 8th!
  • Notes from the ward manager in Large Writing:

W/R  Sb Dr …..

For 12. IVI’s.

For 20mgs IV Furosemide

General condition very poor.  Daughter has been in attendance all night and morning.

She has been informed of the gravity of mother’s condition.

M………..has been offered the full hospitality of the ward – she has refused.

This is So, So Boring!  And pathetic for an adult to write such drivel!

The truth was that I was offered a cup of tea or coffee, and gratefully said ‘I wouldn’t mind a cup of tea thank you.’

Two nurses (one of which was the disgruntled one earlier) also offered me a mattress in the day/props room if I wished to lie down, and I thanked them politely and told them I was not leaving my mother.

There was absolutely no haughtiness on my part, I merely wished to be with mum!

What if she had opened her eyes again, which she never did!

  • The ward manager also wrote in Huge Writing on my mother’s Oral Intake Assessment Chart:

8/2/…N.B.M. Remains Very Unwell.

8/2/… N.B.M. – Unwell. Unable to eat.

  • At 11.30 the chart read:

B.P. 139/78, pulse 109, O2 78% on 10L, resp. 26.

The chart has an increase written sideways up 15L 90%.

  • At 12-2pm mum was given:

1G Paracetamol IV   (Written by other doctor)

20mg Furosemide IV (Instructed by Consultant)

7500units Dalteparin SC

5mg Salbutamol Neb

0.5mg Atrovent Neb

  • On 8/2/… the Consultant came round to ‘explain the gravity also’ and wrote in his doctors notes:


Very poorly

Creps throughout (R) lung

(L) lung – good air entry

Continue antibiotics

Which antibiotics did he refer to?

The fact that he writes this in plural denotes that he had more than one in mind, therefore which antibiotics were these?

Since FY2 who was Not On Duty on the 7th, signed off the 2G Ceftriaxone after 7-9am, and 500mg Clarithromycin after 12-2pm on the 7th which accords with writing the prescription for 1G Vancomycin in time for the pharmacist to dispense same, (proving that she most certainly was about on the 7th yet wrote No Doctors Notes At all about her Plans) and since this Vancomycin was only to be given every 48 hourly, Which antibiotics was he referring to?

Risk of further PE>>

  • Where did this come from?   And When?
  • Had there been a PE no-one had written about previously?

risk of recurrence of I.C.H. (Intra. Cerrebrael Haemorrage) => continue anti-coagulation.

=> balance of risk explained daughter + ‘serious’ chest infection.

Not taking oral med.

=> monitor re: LVF => may need IV Furosemide.    Signed by the Consultant.

  • At 4-6pm mum was given:

5mg Salbutamol Neb.

5mg Atrovent Neb

FY2 wrote a prescription on the page which she had previously left blank numbered (F) for *20mg Furosemide IV on the 8th, and after this was given at 12-2pm she signed this off?

This * was instructed by the Consultant and written on the ward manager’s notes only!

What if more had been required?

What was the rush?

FY2 also stopped the fluids which were instructed by the Consultant after writing a fluid prescription and giving this once at 12pm!

FY2 was Never diligent about signing off prescriptions before so why now?

FY2 also signed off the prescription above this number (E) after the 1G Paracetamol had been given at 12-2pm!

This necessitated the doctor at 7pm writing a Once Only prescription for 1G Paracetamol IV?

This was despite the fact that when FY2 also informed me about mum’s situation she told me ‘They would keep her comfortable with Morphine!’

I said Morphine? Why Morphine? Is she in pain?

The reply was, ‘The blood clot in her leg, may have or could travel to her lung.’

I asked her why mum could not have Paracetamol instead, and she said ‘it’s possible!’

I also asked her what would happen about fluids since her Venflon had tissued,

Her reply was that ‘they could do a sub-cut,  (Subclavian Cut)  ‘it’s easy!’

‘What is that?’

‘We cut the vein just below her neck at the collarbone and put in a line’.

FY2 was very emphatic that giving my mother fluids ‘wouldn’t do any good’.

Had I known about the bronco-pneumonia I would probably have agreed, but was told Nothing!

I asked, ‘Is there a remote possibility that if my mother was to receive fluids that her throat would be lubricated?’

‘It’s Possible’.

‘Then I’d like that please.’

A Precipice In Front

Wolves Behind

Oscar Wilde

What I did Not Know was the fact that when FY2 was telling me ‘fluids wouldn’t do any good’, that the Consultant had already instructed this to be given and that FY2 had complied by writing a Parenteral Fluid Prescription Sheet to start at 12.oo.

Why was FY2 trying to stop the giving of fluid, as she stopped this after one dose?

  • This has echoes of the Liverpool Care Pathway where people are taken off fluids and food to hasten their death!
  • A Further Question Arises?
  • What was in the IV bag given to my mother by sub-cut and removed at 4pm by a nurse?
  • FY2 had stopped the Fluid, the Paracetamol and the Furosemide after 12-2pm!

Unknown to me FY2 wrote a prescription for 2.5mg Morphine, route S/C, indication agitation, Max. Frequency PRN.  (as and when required).

There was no chance of Paracetamol instead! (More Blatant Lies!)

This left nursing staff No Alternative but to give Morphine!

Therefore FY2 signed off the Furosemide prescription after one dose at 12pm, signed off the Paracetamol after the 12-2pm dose, only gave one dose of Fluid at 12pm, and wrote a prescription for Morphine!

FY2 Did Not sign off the Dalteparin after the 12-2pm dose on the 8th!

FY2 Did Not sign off the Vancomycin after the dose on the 7th as it would be due on the 9th and presumably mum would require this if she had lived.

FY2 Did Not sign off the 5mls Carbamazepine Oral on the 8th after 7-9am could not be given (Patient couldn’t swallow as she was in a Coma).

FY2 Did sign off the Furosemide 40mg Oral on the 8th after the 7-9am could not be given.  (Patient couldn’t swallow as she was in a Coma).

FY2 Did Not write another prescription for Furosemide IV to replace the Oral one!

FY2 Did write (at the Consultant’s instruction) a prescription for 20mg Furosemide IV for 12-2pm then signed this off!

Why the rush to sign this off, rather than leave it open?

Another doctor wrote a Once Only prescription for 1G Paracetamol IV on the 7th (which constituted an overdose) and also wrote a regular prescription for 10-12pm on the 7th, 7-9am on the 8th, and 12-2pm on the 8th. 

FY2 then signed this Paracetamol on the 8th after the 12-2pm dose, despite mum lasting until 8.45pm!

Why the rush to sign this off, rather than leave it open?

This meant that mum had No Paracetamol since 12-2pm until she died at 8.45pm?

Yet, FY2 wrote a Morphine prescription in case of distress.

  • This was clearly deliberately Pre-meditated!

Since the Doppler after 5pm on the 7th had shown mum to have a clear indication of a Clot, then why would Paracetamol suffice for this by the SHO on the 7th

Would mum not require a Morphine prescription (just in case of distress) after the SHO saw the report from the Doppler on the 7th?

Yet this FY2 thought she would require Morphine on the 8th?

  • It doesn’t Add Up!
  • N.B. Agitation can be caused by many things which do not necessarily require Morphine.
  • Patient was showing No Signs of Pain!
  • FY2 Review:  (Taken from SHO’s notes).

Sats down to 82% on 60% O2.  (Where did this come from?)

90% on 15L via trauma mask  (Taken from chart at 11.30am)

Sweaty & Clammy.  (Taken from the SHO’s notes)

Cheyne stokes breathing.

Up RR.  Chest with a small sketch.

poor (R) sided entry + creps (L) basal creps.

No signs of failure.

On 12. IV fluids.  (Instructed by the Consultant and written on ward manager’s notes, with a Fluid chart written for this by FY2 to start 12pm – only given once despite writing this for Three times with Dextrose in-between).

Imp/Very unwell 2. infection + – PTEs.

not likely to improve.

‘I have explained this to her daughter.  We are doing as much as we can.  I also explained that at this stage we feel it is best to keep her comfortable and will give her Morphine if agitated.

  • She understands this.’
  • What a Blatant Lie!

This was the Second occasion this FY2 wrote ‘She Understands This’.

Both occasions resulted in telling me lies!

The first time was when she told me about her proposal to give mum Heparin on the 4th, when she ‘explained’ this as if she was going to give this for the first time.

The second time was this tale about ‘Morphine’ despite my stating that I wished to have mum given Paracetamol and was completely unaware that FY2 had already signed off the Paracetamol Before she told me ‘It’s Possible’!

Also discussed with (Consultant).


15 O2.

Keep comfortable with Morphine.

The IV bag was removed at 4pm*** and shortly after this a nurse came in and without even acknowledging mum or I, proceeded to ***remove the urine bag (which was half-filled with deep yellow urine), so presumably any fluid was to either gather in my mother’s bladder, or fall onto the floor, or perhaps onto the blow-up mattress which they had moved her onto; when I asked a male nurse? if they were going to take her bed into the ward  ‘to be nearer the nurses station’ and he said ‘Yes’ (More Lies, but hey it’s just her daughter, so what does it matter!, just tell her any old patronising story) but when the curtain was drawn around her bed I saw the sheets thrown onto the floor and knew they were shifting her about again!  Her poor little body was through the mill.  I was unaware at this time that she was being lifted onto this blow-up mattress!

As for being nearer the nurses station, this was sheer baloney as not one nurse came to see how mum was. 

Not once!

  • Nurses notes at 6.30pm:***

Now for S/C fluids as no IV access.***

I am reminded of Shakespeare here who said:

~All The World’s A Stage ~ And It’s People It’s Players~

Only thing is, most people like to watch Stars, not stand-ins feverishly trying to please in order to get more parts!

  • How is it possible for an SC to be done at 6.30pm when the IV bag and the urine bag had been removed at 4pm?

Family want to discuss Mrs…… to date.

  • Nurses notes from Communication with Relatives:

Mrs…. daughter and grand-daughter asked staff if they could speak to doctor.  Advised that only ‘covering’ doctor on duty, but they would be paged.  Asked if I could help them in any way.

Asked if getting fluids changed to S/C meant it was ‘like switching off life support’ (my daughter’s reaction).  Explained it was absolutely nothing like that and the only difference would be that sub-cut is less invasive and she would be getting some volume of fluids – only over (possibly) longer times.  Also explained that as condition very poor, IV Paracetamol was discussed and PRN Morphine is possible to control pain.

Was she aware that the Paracetamol prescription had already been signed off?

Asked about oral meds. – explained all discontinued as condition too poor for oral diet. (My daughter’s question) Again explained that medication received very carefully (Did this include the Vancomycin perchance?) and medical staff decide.

This was the (previously disgruntled) nurse who then asked Again:

Explained again that they do not want Mrs….. resusitated.  This has already been discussed and decided by family and medical staff.

Why the constant need to verify this?

This was the Third Time!

Mum died at 8.45pm that night, so the amount of Morphine she had been given must have been sufficient in her body from 2pm – WoW that must have been some amount – for no distress for Almost Another Seven Hours !

It doesn’t matter that the prescription for Morphine was never signed as the mandatory sheet for Vancomycin was never completed.

Also since mum had been on a Constant bombardment of Paracetamol since she arrived there, are we to expect that after the scenario at the Doppler she could just be taken off this completely after the 12-2pm dose?

That is unless it was known that the Vancomycin dose had done the trick and put her into a Coma, then if ‘Agitated’ there was always the convenient top-ups of regular Morphine which, when given sufficiently will stop the heart!

  • At 8.45pm Mum Passed Away!
  • Within seconds a yellow palor (like someone painting her) passed across her entire face and body!
  • The Jaundice swept over her like a wave!
  • The speed this was exceptional!

The fact of the Jaundice is the only slight comfort I have in knowing I was right in not allowing mum to be resusitated, as she would have been in agony, and the only recourse would have been lots of Morphine, which may not have been sufficient by that time.

The fact that I was put in the position of deciding to allow my own mother to die because of taking her into that place shall never be excused.  I Do Not take  any comfort in the fact that all of this was deliberately brought about, and I talked my mother into going there initially!

I sat with mum to be sure she was gone and put my head out of the curtain, where two females were changing a bed at the farthest away corner while talking non-stop to each other – eventually responded to my saying ‘nurse’.

Another FY2 was sent for and she was so gentle and kind toward my mum talking to her as though she could hear her (possibly just in case she could).  She did various tests and said time of death 9pm which I corrected at 8.45pm.  She acknowledged this with sympathy and left us both alone.

This FY2 was asked to certify death!

-No breath sound one minute.

-No respiratory effort one minute.

-No pulse one minute.

-Pupil fixed and dilated.

Time of Death:  8.45pm

Cause of Death: Bronchopneumonia.

  • Nurses notes:

Patient died at 8.45pm.  Doctor notified.

Daughter will collect Death Certificates today.

Disgruntled nurses notes again from Communication with Relatives:

Mrs………….  died at 20-45hrs.

Her daughter was in attendance.

Following Mrs…….. death the daughter said that she didn’t want her mother to go down to the Mortuary.

She wanted to take her mother’s body home with her.  Myself and S/r ……….. explained that this was not possible.

The daughter then said she wanted an undertaker to take her mother to the chapel of rest right away.

I did not say ‘right away’, I merely thought that they would not want mum staying in the ward with other patients; understandably; and I wanted mum to go somewhere nicer than a mortuary!

S/r……. explained that it would be unlikely that an undertaker would be willing to come out at that time of night.

Eventually after telephoning an undertaker from the ward Mrs…….. daughter was satisfied that her mother would go to the mortuary.

Daughter and friend in attendance at this time.

I asked if mum could go home with me, or if a Funeral Parlour could be contacted, but was told that was not possible because she would have to remain there until the doctor certified her death in the morning.

The two nurses told methe Mortuary was a nice place’!

Can you believe this?

FY2 notes:

8/2/…..  Death Certificate Issued.

Cause of Death   

1a –  Bronchopneumonia                                      

1b – Pulmonary Embolism

FY2  Could not know that mum died of a Pulmonary Embolism as there was no way of telling it had moved from the Femoral Artery.

Only a Post Mortem examination would show this for certain!  It possibly never moved, especially with Morphine numbing the body, and no movement from mum at all apart from breathing with the Trauma Mask!

Since two doctors are required to sign this Why was this not seen?

  • I did not know at that time that doctors are paid to sign Death Certificates!

That’s Terrific!

So the people purported to be looking after you get paid by you when you die!

Mum had been sitting watching a film on Television the night I noticed her heart racing a bit when she retired for the night, and if it had not been for my stupidity in asking that G.P. about occasional oxygen -if and when she required it for occasional use – my mother would have been safe at home, and when her turn came to leave, she would have been able to die in her own bed.

  • Certainly Not by Involuntary Euthanasia-so don’t fool yourself as this is exactly what happened.

Do Not Be Like Me! 

Do Not Trust Blindly! 

Ask Questions All The Time!

Get The Right Answers!

I’ll be back in two or three weeks with Curtain!

Sickened By The NHS Part 9. (3rd Part of Final D-Day). Friday, Jun 14 2013 

Look Closer

What do you see, nurses, what do you see?

Are you thinking when you are looking at me,

A crabbit old woman, not very wise,

Uncertain of habit, with far-away eyes,

Who dribbles her food and makes no reply,

When you say in a loud voice, “I do wish you’d try”,

Who seems not to notice the things that you do,

And forever is losing a stocking or shoe,

Who, quite unresisting, lets you do as you will,

With bathing and feeding, the long day to fill?

Is that what you’re thinking, is that what you see?

Then open your eyes, you’re not looking at me,

I’ll tell you who I am as I sit here so still,

As I move at your bidding, as I eat at your will,

I’m a small child of ten with a father and mother,

Brothers and sisters, who love one another,

A young girl of sixteen with wings on her feet,

Dreaming that soon a true lover she’ll meet;

A bride now at twenty – my heart gives a leap,

Remembering the vows that I promised to keep;

At twenty-five now I have young of my own,

Who need me to build a secure, happy home;

A woman of thirty, my young now grow fast,

Bound to each other with ties that should last;

At forty my young sons will soon all be gone,

But my man stays beside me to see I don’t mourn;

At fifty once more babies play round my knee,

Again we know children, my loved one and me.


Dark days are upon me, my husband is dead,

I look at the future, I shudder with dread,

For my young are all busy with young of their own,

And I think of the years and the love that I’ve known,

I’m an old woman now and nature is cruel,

‘Tis her jest to make old age look like a fool.

The body it crumbles, grace and vigour depart,

There is a stone where I once had a heart.

But inside this old carcase a young girl still dwells,

And now and again my battered heart swells.

I remember the joys, I remember the pain,

And I’m loving and living life over again.


I think of the years all too few – gone too fast,

And accept the stark fact that nothing can last.

So open your eyes, nurses, open and see,

Not a crabbit old woman, look closer –see ME.

Phyllis McCormack


~Act Twenty Nine~

  • At 5pm the nurses notes read:

Signed by the Staff Nurse who had given mum the Vancomycin.

(Attended at 16.05).   17.00 Patient returned from X-Ray following Doppler.

On return at 17.00 patient was Almost Unresponsive.

Pulse 88.

B.P. 113/76.

O2 Sats 24%.

No Charts were written for the above!

+Trauma mask commenced.

O2 Sats improved to 92%.

Medical Staff informed.

Blood gases taken.

Furosemide 40mg given IV (given at 17.10 prescribed by the emergency doctor).

N.B. My mother at 11.10am had tolerated O2 continuously at 4.L.

Yet when she was taken to the Doppler she was not on O2?

  • Mum had been at the Doppler for 1 Hour. (This should take approximateley 15 minutes.)?
  • A doctor was urgently called in from another ward .

ATSP re. low Sats. + very unwell.

Returned from X-Ray department – clammy + low responsiveness  low Sats.

87 female – cognitive impairment.



Elevated B.P.


(*Taken from FY2’s Admission Document, which misled the Consultant and started all of this downward spiral). (Also this *was from a stroke years before!)

Admitted 31.1… – LRTI – not improved despite IV Augmentin and IV Ceftriaxone.

  • Why no mention of all the other drugs, especially the *IV Vancomycin given one hour before this emergency doctor’s arrival; *which was written on page One of the prescriptions instead of the current page Four; and given Before the Doppler?  Therefore once again another doctor only read the previous notes, as the prescriptions would have shown the rest including the Vancomycin, and having seen this the ‘Blank’ separate form would also have been noticed , hopefully!

Developed Pulmonary Oedema 4.2… (Developed this before the 4th, but FY2 wrote on 4th ‘New Since Admission’ making it appear it happened on the 4th!)

CXR – wedge shaped opacity and Dalteparin started.  (Started on 4th and Taken from doctors notes/prescription)

  • Where are the other notes with regard to Heparin etc. stopped and started?

Doppler US legs today confirmed DVT and likely PE’s?

O/E  B.P. 120/67, p 110,  Sats. 80% initially  T  ?

  • The emergency doctor would be unaware that the nurses notes stated: as there was No Chart written for 5pm B.P 113/76, pulse 88, O2 Sats 24% Off Oxygen.
  • Where does 80% initially come from as they were 24% at 5pm, then improved after the trauma mask commenced, to 92%.

-> 92% on 15L* O2, B.M 9.8.

  • The staff nurse must have Verbalised the 15L ->*

Chest RR 28down A/E bibasally

harsh breath sounds (L) base.

CVS  Hs1 +11 + 0

mild pitting oedema


GCS – e3/m5/v4 12/15

ECG SR ? (cannot read writing!)

ABG pm 15L O2

  • The following Arterial Results noted by the SHO111 were  Analyzed by FY2 @ 17.03!
  • Why was FY2 analyzing this sample with the Results @ 17.03 when mum had been wheeled back into the ward @ 17.00?
  • How was it possible to take bloods in the ward after 17.00 and have the analyzed Results @ 17.03 from the Lab?
  • Why the Delay when mum was almost unresponsive @ 24% oxygen when wheeled back to the ward?
  • Why was she wheeled back to the ward without any Oxygen?
  • Why if FY2 took this sample during the Doppler did she not accompany her patient back to the ward?
  • Why did FY2 not give any O2?
  • What was FY2 doing at the Doppler in the first place when she was Not On Duty?
  • Why did FY2 analyze this Arterial blood?
  • What happened at that Doppler?
  • Especially, given the fact that a procedure which normally takes 15minutes, took mum from 4pm until 5pm?
  • Why was mum at the Doppler for an Hour?

He 56.8

pCO2 9.4

pO2 8.3

BE 20

Bic 31.1

  • Why did the SHO111 not wonder where these Arterial Blood Results had transpired from since she was the doctor called in that emergency?
  • Did she know that FY2 was with mum at the Doppler?
  • Even if FY2 had been nearby and been called by the X-ray department to an emergency and she took bloods to see what was happening, this would not excuse her for not giving her patient oxygen at the very least! 
  • This would also not excuse No Notes written as a report!

Imp 1) DVT + likely PE’s?

11) LRTI not especially ? abx.

111) degree of pulmonary oedema.

Plan: 5.05pm

IV Furosemide

Paracetamol cal.

IV Vancomycin * 

  • ( This * was already given, therefore did the SHO111 Plan this for the next 48hrs?)
  • This SHO111 copied prescriptions and notes, already written by FY2 before the 7th.  
  • Did she not notice the ‘Special Instructions for Vancomycin which had been ignored as there were No Doctors Notes written that day prior to her own?

MRSA Screen

  • Staphylococcus aureaus (MRSA) is a gram positive bacteria that causes a variety of infections including pneumonia.  This gram positive bacteria becomes pathogenic when there is damage or injury to the skin, giving bacteria systemic access to the organs and tissues.  Those most at risk include individuals with a weakened immune system.
  • Look at the numerous injections in mum’s stomach and wrists and hands!
  • Elastic stockings never entered into the frame!

LET Next-of Kin know of deterioration.

If this SHO111 had not written this would I have been told at all until too late?

I Do Not believe I would have been called without this SHO111 instruction to do so!

N.B. ~This  SHO111 in her professional capacity wrote:

5.05pm PLAN:

IV Vancomycin   (which she took from the prescription written by FY2 )

  • Why did SHO111 Not Observe that this had already been given by the Staff Nurse and therefore conclude that since mum was at the Doppler from 4-5pm, that she was given this Before the Doppler and at a far too fast rate which was extremely dangerous? 

Plus Not Given over 120 minutes!

  • At 5.10 mum was given:

40mg Furosemide IV

  • The ward manager who had telephoned me to come in, and who had expected that I had gone visiting a former patient, wrote her report of almost three pages about Me at 5pm, at precisely the same time of 5pm that my mother returned to the ward ‘Almost Unresponsive’.
  • At 6.30pm Nurses notes: 

(The same nurse who gave the Vancomycin).

  • N.B. There is no mention in these nurses notes about the 1000mg Vancomycin she had given despite initialing them as given.  Not even IV as recorded!

Radiographer attended for X-ray patient’s chest, patient’s daughter refused to have this carried out.

medical staff informed.

  • At 7.30 the SHO-On-Call wrote my reasons for this as you will read below*.
  • The emergency SHO111 took an Arterial sample which was analyzed @ 18.48.


cH            47.7up

pCO2       10.4up.up

pO2          10down

Na+          146up

K+            4.3

Cl              103

Ca++       1.19

Hct          42

Glu          9.4up

Lac          1.4

tHb          12.8

O2Hb      82.8down

COHb      1.8up

MetHb    1.0down

HHb        4.5

sO2          95.4

BE(B)      10.9

HCO3(c) 40.2up.up

Biochemistry Results:

*Collected  17.01.

*Received 18.56.

*Report Issued on the 8th at 09.26!

Sodium *146

Potassium 4.3

Chloride 99

Urea *12.4

Creatinine 85


Glucose *8.2   What caused the rise in this from 10am until 5.01?

CRP *461

Bilirubin 6

AST *53

ALT *210


Alk. Phos *442

Protein 62

Albumin *21

Globulins *41

They were Collected at *17.01 but

Not Received until 18.56. 

Why the delay?

 *A Further Overdose

  • At 7pm mum was given:

*1G Paracetamol IV given

Nebulizers given

Attempted to reduce O2 therapy and give humidified O2 but saturation dropped to 84%.

Re-commenced on trauma mask at 10L.

*Another doubling up of Paracetamol from the previous dose before 4pm!

7.10pm Temperature 38.2!


The 40mg Furosemide IV was also given (written on the SHO111 Plan at 5.05pm).

  • 7.30 SH-On-Call:

Above handed over – background noted – discussed patient’s condition with daughter.

Concern how unwell she is -clearly very upset with condition/situation.  Feels that condition much worse by treatment in hospital.

“Never should have made her come in!”

Explained that we are treating a combination of problems – infection/possible PTE/possible LVF (Lower Ventricular Hypertrophy).

Understands that we feel that if Mrs……condition does not respond to treatment, that there are no other interventions that we think would be appropriate.

Agrees that should ? Rx but that Mrs…..should not be for resucitation in the event of a cardio-respiratory arrest…..

By now every instinct in me knew that if mum had to go through this sort of trauma she could have been in agony if they had to revive her from a collapse, as I did not feel her frail little frame could take a pounding.

I beat myself up about agreeing to this for years until  discovered the amount of poisons being given to her and exactly what this FY2 had done from the beginning!

Nevertheless I still feel that I was made a party to ending this needless torture because that is what it was – Needless!

Not only was I responsible for talking her into going there; at the behest of that G.P. about her heart of all things; but I was party to ‘pulling the plug on my own mother’ albeit extremely reluctantly, and only because of the condition she had now been reduced to!


Patient’s daughter initially not keen for CXR-moving patient about too much.

Now having explained this further she is happy for this to go ahead, therefore reason for delay…….. was that she would have this in her bed, with little movement……….Patient on 10L O2 SPO2-90% SPO2 quickly downward off O2 between changing masks.

Chest reviewed- some wheeze in addition to ? creps at base without nebs.  Patient flushed, feels warm, mouth dry.


Report ABG on 10L.. PO2 10.0, PCO2 10.4 up, cH 47.7 up, HCO3 40.2 up, ->???

These were all taken from the Arterial Sample Results at 6.48pm.

(P) ? current Rx – change to humidified O2. try to reduce further but need to maintain SPO2.

-IV Paracetamol (given at 7pm).

CXR reg. nebs.

Review later.

Not for resusitation in the course of cardiac arrest.

I wonder if the ward manager read this as she Did Not write in her own notes from the ‘meeting’ at that time I wanted mum to be resusitated?


Note patient better ? nebs – SPO2 95% on 8L.

Awaiting CXR  (Attended 7.26).

Daughter to stay in with patient overnight if possible.

Will speak to medical staff?  SHO11.

CXR Results: 7.2…..

*This report has mum at 89 instead of 87 and while this may appear a trifle incidental it illustrates a further example of the carelessness in the NHS.

There was an ECG report with another persons name on plus another nutrition sheet with someone else’s name scored through and mum’s written above!

There are other charts wrongly completed, such as SIPS of fluid on the 8th when mum was in a Coma!

*There is now very extensive consolidation involving the right hemothorax together with a small amount of pleural fluid in keeping with severe infection.


CXR Reviewed:

Patchy opacification of whole of (R) lung.

Ab? bibasal effusion.

Most likely cause – infection -??aspiration???  Despite SALT Report?

Note patient’s daughter concerned re. LMWH Rx given patients previous history of intracerebrael haemorrhage in 200..?

*Please discuss more.

*No Discussion about this Ever Took Place!

  • N.B. The same staff nurse who gave the Vancomycin, and was at the ‘meeting’ was nowhere to be seen; when I arrived after the phone call from the ward manager who wrote her three pages of notes on Me at 5pm then left before I arrived;  and had written nurses notes at 3.20pm, 5pm, 6.20pm and 7.10pm (as according to the ward manager she was on back shift!)
  • Therefore this staff nurse was writing her notes at 5pm about my mother, at the same time that the ward manager was writing her notes about ME, so who was with my mother until the emergency doctor arrived at 5.05pm?

Yet No Charts were completed after 12.00 for B.P., pulse.

The 24% should have been written etc.

These Charts would show the effects which erupted from the Vancomycin IV which this staff nurse had given mum.

*Can Vancomycin hydrochloride cause Hyperclycaemia?

*Age of people who have Hyperglycaemia when taking Vancomycin hydrochloride.

0-1       =    6.67%.

2-29    =   0.00%.

30-49 =   6.67.

60 +    = 66.67%.

Top co-used drugs for these people include Prednisolone, Furosemide, Corticosteroids, Salbutamol and Ipratropium All of which can cause Hyperglycaemia (High Blood Sugar)!

N.B. This only flagged up after the 5.03 Arterial Blood Sample showed elevated Glucose!

Conversely, Clarithromycin can cause Hypoglycaemia (Low Blood Sugar).

Great, isn’t it?  If you manage to survive it all That Is!

On September 4th 2012 a post-marketing study showed that 2,158 people reported to have side effects when taking Vancomycin hydrochloride.

Common side effects of hydrochloride include fever, sepsis, hypotension, renal failure acute condition.

  • The Department of Haematology Results:
  • Date of Sample 07.02….@ 19/..?
  • Date of Report 07.02…@  20/..?
  • *05.02…  FBC.  No Clinical Details Provided.

WBC 24.27

Hb 13.0

Plts 357


  • At 10-12pm mum was given:

1G Paracetamol IV

  • At 11pm another nurse wrote:

……..remains fairly settled in upright position.

O2 therapy continues and has been around 90-92%.

IV Antibiotics as charted.       Which? When?

Daughter present.

….has been talking at times.

This was misinterpreted as mum had opened her eyes and looked at me and I said to her  “Hi, Young One”.   She closed her eyes again!

1am. Required an increase in her O2 to 10L. to lifting her O2 up from 83-94% and has remained at that level.

Urinary volumes were 12% at 2am.

More settled, breathing less laboured with the O2 improvement.

6a.m.. Required again -O2 still around 95%.

But 4% urinary output much less at this time.

Positional change -other (R) side, skin slightly red.

IV Antibiotics and IV Paracetamol as charted.    Which ones?

Temp. now settled.

More settled now.

Sickened By The NHS Part 6. (3rd Part of D-Day.) Friday, May 17 2013 

Tis a Tale Told by Many

Full of Sound and Fury

Signifying Nothing!

William Shakespeare

This is the final of Part 6. which is the calendar date of the 4th!

It is so long and protracted simply because of the Colossal amount of Drugs which were given to my mum on that one day, after the Huge amounts of 2G Ceftriaxone the previous day!

~Act Twenty Two~

  • FY2 also mentioned to me at our ‘talk’ on 4th at 13.00pm that she was going to send mum for a Doppler to check for clots!
  • FY2 Did Not write about this in her notes.
  • In fact it was the Consultant who ordered this Doppler the next day on the 5th?
  • Why? if FY2 suggested it on the 4th, did she delay?
  • N.B. Mum was Not sent for the Doppler until the 7th when this entire episode plus another, became a major factor in her death!
  • FY2 Did Not write in her notes that I asked her if mum had blood clots and her reply was  ‘No, I don’t think so, it’s just a precaution!’
  • If it was just a precaution then Why was the Clexane stopped at all on the 2nd?
  • N.B. The prescription for Clexane was already written and dispensed at 12-2pm.
  • This meant that FY2 had already written this prescription Before 13.00 when she spoke to me as though she was including me in permission to give this?
  • Not only that, but this was also Before ‘Discussing the case with Dr. …….. whether to give Dalteparin (Clexane had been written on her notes and scored through)?
  • N.B. FY2 wrote No Notes whatsoever stating that Heparin was stopped on the 2nd, therefore any other doctor reading these notes would be completely unaware of this.

This must have been another verbal instruction to a nurse not to give these, while failing to sign off the prescription sheet?

  • Wow – That’s some amount of verbalism in that ward!

Plus it must have been verbalised to the ‘disgruntled’ nurse on the 2nd as she gave the last dose at 10-12pm when FY2 went off duty that night!

  • Perhaps they have Super Memories for All their patients!



  • N.B. Mum was given 1G Paracetamol at 7-9am, plus 1G Paracetamol at *11am, plus 1G Paracetamol at *12-2pm.
  • This was 2G in less than 3 hours!

A further 1G was given at 4-6pm, plus 1G at 10-12pm.

  • This would Total 5 Grams of Paracetamol within 14-16 hours, or 3 G’s within 6 hours!

Paracetamol is metabolised primarily in the liver.

In a normal dose of 1G four times a day, one-third of patients may have an increase in their liver function tests to *Three Times the normal value.

Here is a Preview Below of mum’s Liver Test Results on the 5th!

Normal AST <40.                Mum’s *296.

Normal ALT <50.                Mum’s  *313.

Normal Gamma-GT. <55.  Mum’s *373.

Normal Bilirubin 3-22.       Mum’s *5.

Normal Alk. Phos. 40-150. Mum’s *310.

Normal Protein 60-80.        Mum’s *52.

Normal Albumin 32-45.      Mum’s *19.

Normal Globulins 23-38.     Mum’s *33.

Toxicity can occur even with chronic ingestion of doses as low as 4G a day, and DEATH WITH AS LITTLE AS 6G A DAY!

Concomitant use of other drugs that induce CYP enzymes such as Carbamazepine have also been reported as risk factors!

OVERDOSE SYMPTOMS:  Nausea, upset stomach, Diaorrhea, convulsions, Coma, appetite loss, vomiting, Confusion, General Malaise, Jaundice, Coagulation Defects, cardiomyopathy, Sweating.

*Mum would have every single one of these in Red before she died!

Evidence of liver toxicity may develop in one to four days.

  • Spot On!   She Died Four Days Later!

In severe cases it may be evident in 12 hours.  Laboratory studies may show evidence of massive hepatic necrosis (that is the Liver dying!) with elevated large potential for overdose and toxicity.

Individuals that have overdosed on Paracetamol in general, have not specific symptoms for the first 24 hours although nausea, vomiting and diaphoresis may occur initially, these symptoms, in general resolve after several hours.

After resolution of these symptoms, *Individuals tend to feel better, and may believe that the worst is over.

*Patient has No complaints.  Still feels O.K.  (From FY2 Notes above.)

  • Did this not match perfectly?

If a toxic overdose was absorbed, after this brief feeling of relative wellness, the individual develops overt Liver Failure.  In massive overdoses, coma and metabolic acidosis may occur prior to hepatic failure.

Without timely treatment, overdose can lead to Liver Failure and Death within days!

Intravenous acetylcysteine (Parvolex/Acetadote) is used as a continuous intravenous infusion over 20 hours (total 300mg/kg).  Recommended administration involves infusion of a 150mg/kg loading dose over 15 mins. followed by a 50mg/kg infusion over 4 hours, the last 100mg/kg are infused over the remaining 16 hours of the protocol.

Once it has been determined that a potentially-toxic overdose has occurred, acetylcysteine is continued for the entire regimen, even after the Paracetamol level becomes undetectable in the blood.

If hepatic failure develops, acetylcysteine should be continued beyond the standard doses until hepatic function improves or until the patient has a liver transplant.

Acetylcysteine was Never given!

  • Can you guess Why?

PROGNOSIS:  The mortality rate from Paracetamol Overdose increases two days after ingestion, reaches a maximum on day Four!

  • Strange how FY2 was Off Duty two days later, And her appearance coincided again on day Four!
  • On day Four mum’s Jaundice appeared immediately when she died!
  • N.B. On 5th (Next Day when the results of the above Liver Function Tests arrived) the Department of Haematology Started Daily Requests:
  • FBC: No clinical details provided.
  • This request would be repeated on the 6th, the 7th and once again on the 7th after 8pm!
  • Clearly the Laboratory Technician knew something was amiss!
  • No Clinical Details were ever provided to the Haematology Department!
  • No further nurses or doctors notes for B.P., Oxygen Saturation, Respiratory, or Pulse were recorded from the Chart which were:

Next, along came lunch and mum and the other ladies were hungry, but this is no magician’s feat.  The aluminium lids were removed to reveal roast beef.

  • Mum looked constantly at her plate as I cut this up into small pieces to feed her.  Her hand was shaking.
  • Can you begin to imagine how torturous this was for her, and for me feeling helpless to help?

All the other ladies complained that it was cold. 

  • Mum was eating it without a murmur and I had no idea it was cold until then!

The nurse/assistant who brought these told everyone quite casually ‘This often happens.  It takes the food 15 minutes to get here’!

  • I gave mum some potatoes and rice pudding which she ate starvingly.

The roast beef was returned by all ladies.

  • Mum was still hungry!

By the afternoon visiting time mum looked absolutely exhausted and I asked the nurse about moving her about when they washed her as I felt this was sapping any energy she had.

  • Remember I had No idea about this chemical cosh she was receiving!

The nurse whom I had spoken to then wrote copious notes abut me in reference to my appeal above.  She also wrote that I had told FY2 that mum had not been cleaned properly.

I can see how Shit-stirring happens in this ward, as I was not referring to anyone but the one nurse who had abandoned mum in the toilet, previously, then went home. (The one with the mud on her trainers!)

The pity of it was that this particular nurse had done an excellent job of caring with mum!

  • At 13.15pm written by the nurse/assistant:

‘Daughter asked who was …..floor manager.  I told her…..advised her that it was…..and gave her his address.  I enquired was there anything the ward manager could help with tomorrow, but she said she wanted to complain ‘fire alarm being noisy and had gone on too long’.  She thinks it should be changed to a light system.’

Now for The Truth Once More!

The fire alarm went off around 12.30 and this was in the corridor facing mum’s ward door.  I said ‘That’s terrible, what a racket’!  She said it was up to the hospital and I asked who the manager responsible was.  She gave me his name, and still speaking casually I suggested it would be better if the alarm was cut shorter, maybe intermittent with flashing intermittent lights.

It finally stopped about three quarters of an hour later and by then I had a headache, never mind about the elderly patients who were unwell.

Deepak Prasher of UCL on BBC2 9.4.8 quoted ‘Noise Causes Stress’!

The staff appeared resigned to this along with the fact that only one plumber was available in the hospital and the sink required fixing for three weeks.

I used this sink to clean mum’s teeth in running water!

  • The other nurse on duty, who had written about my complaining, wrote:

‘Patient’s daughter called me and stated she wanted a saline drip put up on her mother as she was *sweating. I explained to her that this was not beneficial to her mother as she was overloaded and needed IV Furosemide earlier in the day.’

‘She was not happy with my explanation.’

  • Oh my, another opportunity to make the relative out to be a baddie!
  • Having told the facts so far, and picturing what I had to contend with on behalf of my mother, do you see the real picture emerging?

Ask yourself one question.

  • Whose benefits are these copious notes written about relatives for?
  • N.B. *Sweating is one of the symptoms of Paracetamol Overdose!

Ask yourself.   

Was I the Only person who saw this?

Mum Never, Ever sweated!  She was one of those people who generally find it difficult to break sweat-   a Redhead.

N.B. Methyl/Prednisolone:

Serum levels may be increased by Clarithromycin – Monitor!


Serum levels may be increased by Clarithromycin – Monitor!

CYP3A4 Inducers Carbamazepine may decrease the level/effect of Clarithromycin.

Furosemide may enhance the nephrotoxicity (kidneys) of Cephalosporins – Ceftriaxone.

*Comcomitant administration of single doses of Clarithromycin + Carbamazepine are shown to result in increased plasma concentrations of Carbamazepine.

*Mum was given both of these on the 30th, 31st, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th!

  • At 14.00 her B.P. was 135/82, pulse 102, Sats. 87% on 6L O2, resp., 24.

These were Not written on any nurse’s notes.

These were Not written on FY2’s notes.

  • At 2.20pm mum was given:

40mg Furosemide IV.

  • At 4-6pm mum was given:

1G Paracetamol Calpol

5mg Salbutamol Neb.

0.5mg Atrovent Neb.

  • At 22.00 her B.P. was 154/90, pulse 101, Sats., 98% on 2L O2, resp., 18.

These were Not written on any nursing notes.

These were Not written on FY2’s notes.

  • At 10-12pm mum was given:

1G Paracetamol Calpol

500mg Clarithromycin IV

5mls Carbamazepine Oral

5mg Salbutamol Neb.

0.5mg Atrovent Neb.

1 Drop ea. eye Latanoprost

First Do No Harm Part 2. Sunday, Feb 17 2013 

  • The following details of Drugs are for information for everyone, and I suggest you keep these in case of future needs. (Although I hope you will not need them)!  Much more to follow!

The details are all taken from medical data, which has taken me hundreds of hours of research for the actual Story plus the Drugs.  In fact I have spent hundreds of days including many 12 hour shifts, and at the beginning of my research I spent one 18 hour day until it was daylight the next day when I had to call a halt to sleep and eat before returning to it, as my research unearthed so much information with one thing leading to another constantly, and my sincerest hope is that it will be useful and used by as many people as possible.

What never fails to amaze is the fact that so much of medical students’ education is taken up with indoctrinating them about drugs, therefore why do they know so little when it comes to applying this knowledge, especially when these same students are ‘let loose’ on patients after doing their theory at University.  It is not rocket science, merely dogged application to research these.  More so when they choose to specialise in one area of medicine, with a set range of drugs, enabling them to work within a slightly smaller perameter (albeit with some crossover such as heart plus arthritic conditions).  In other words they do not have to know the full Mims book by heart, just the main ones used in their speciality.  Someone in a geriatric ward with bronchitis would not be treated for cancer, therefore no requirement to know cancer drugs, as the cancer would be treated in another speciality department. 

  • What I have witnessed in student medics is a cavalier attitude of indifference, which I find disgusting to say the least, but also a zombie – like tiredness which makes me wonder whether this is the root cause of the indifference, or did it come with its own package?  I have also witnessed the same indifferent attitude in nursing staff, along with understaffing, agency nursing staff, and Angels on Night Duty – thankfully, in every Hospital and every night!

As for G.P.’s?  What can one say when they have already ‘qualified’ in medicine?

  • I only wish I had known all of this when my mum was still alive, because you can be certain of one thing she would have been discharged alive, even if she did not last very much longer.  In fact she would not have been on these inhalers to begin with therefore would possibly not have ended up in that Ward in that Hospital!
  • If  Drugs are suggested then Question, Question and Question again until you receive the answers you are satisfied with, and Do Not take No for an answer!    If someone does not know the answers then move on until you find someone who does!  Your body is yours, your loved ones theirs, and for far too long people have been making the error of blindly trusting that you or theirs will be cared for, which tragically is not always the case.  Do Not be intimidated, fearful (get every last fact known about the Drugs) and do not be bullied.  If medics want to bully then let them do it to each other until they also get ‘sick of it’!
  • Both the Drugs and symptoms my mum had are listed in Red.
  • The following are a list of details of the Drugs given to my mum by the G.P.’s and then the Hospital (who gave many more):-

Mum had originally taken Piriton (Chlorpheniramine) (details in Part 1 of this post), Carbamazepine, Symvastatin, and Latanoprost eye drops.

Salbutamol Inhaler:  (Prescription was given to her a couple of months previous but only started using this in January).

  • G.P’s notes made no mention of the fact that mum was taking Salbutamol after trying Piriton.  Her letter to the Hospital only stated the Amoxicillin and Furosemide.

Not exactly giving a comprehensive picture is it?

*N.B. The additional information from the Ambulance Team noted regarding G.P.  ‘Would phone with patient details to Hospital’.  The G.P. sent (either by fax or via an internal computer system, which is more likely?) two sheets of Patient Information from her records.

One of these stated: Seizure free > 12 months, when in fact this had been almost 3 years. These records also showed: ‘recurrent urinary tract infection Freetext: persistent.’  The fact is that mum caught this infection by the use of a Hospital Catheter, and once it cleared she never had it again, so I don’t know where ‘recurrent’ came in, unless this was known at the time (years previously) in that particular hospital and unknown to mum or her daughter?  It also showed ‘Pneumothorax’ in 1995 when part of mum’s lung had collapsed and it was assumed that it was because of her being a smoker (light), when actually she had fallen badly on a concrete square edge outside her local supermarket, and this had caused the deflation.

These cursory notes fail to assist any medical personnel in a comprehensive manner, and are also not kept up to date as illustrated by 12 months > Seizure free!

* Both the receiving Hospital and the one to which she was subsequently transferred, repeatedly stated  ‘No previous notes available’!  All they had to go on were the two sheets from the G.P.

  • Furosemide:
  • Amoxcillin:

I was unaware at that time that Salbutamol ‘is taken by some for the purposes of fat burning’. (the last thing mum needed)!

Caution is advised when using this drug in older adults since they may be more sensitive to its effects, especially the effects on the heart!  In some cases a serious possibly fatal reaction may occur.  Rarely this medication has caused severe, sudden worsening of breathing problems/asthma (paradoxical bronchospasm).  Seek immediate medical attention if you notice……any symptoms……Trouble Breathing? *Call the doctor immediately if you notice any Change in Heartbeat or Pulse while taking Salbutamol.

*G.P. was called and told about change in mum’s heartbeat and she took her pulse!

*Patients who may be predisposed of Glaucoma should be specifically warned to protect their eyes!

*No mention of this was given in the Hospital!

Common Reactions:  Cough, Palpitations!

Serious Adverse Reactions:  Seizures, Bronchitis!

Before using tell your doctor all prescription/non-prescriptions you use.        e.g. Furosemide.

Furosemide: (Diuretic) Blocks Sodium and Chloride Reabsorption.   Think of Potassium and Sodium at opposite ends of a see-saw.  As Potassium increases Sodium declines leading to a reduction in Blood Pressure.

Can you deduce what happens as Potassium declines and Sodium increases?

20% of patients on commonly prescribed diuretics have abnormal Sodium and Potassium levels.

In those patients taking diuretics, often a small amount of Oral Potassium may be prescribed.  Since the loss will continue as long as the medication is prescribed!

Patients on Furosemide experiencing dehydration and weakness may have their electrolyes tested in order to discover if the body’s Potassium losses may need replacing.  A severe drop in the level of Potassium  (Hypokalaemia) causes profound muscle weakness and  *may stop the heart!

Side Effects:  Shortness of breath, dry mouth, drowsiness, hunger, confusion or changes in thinking, weight loss, irregular or fast hearbeat, looking pale, headache and much, much more……

N.B. Furosemide is also used to prevent horses from bleeding during races!

  • Piriton (Chlorpheniramine):

Warnings/Precautions:  Do Not take this product if you have a breathing problem such as Chronic Bronchitis (A past history of) or Glaucoma (history in family) or Epilepsy (Cerebral haemorrage/Stroke).

It also Causes Confusion.  It enters the brain in sufficient quantities and is called a Sedating antihystamine.   Aplastic anaemia, fast pulse/rapid heart rate.

Side Effects:  Urinary Retention.  Awareness of your heartbeat (Heart palpitations) Dizziness, Wheezing or Difficulty in Breathing.

  • Piriton uptake inhibits noradrenaline.
  • Furosemide and Piriton together Can Cause Death and speed up mental impairment in elderly people.
  • Mum was on Furosemide and Piriton together!

Telegraph 24.6.11:

  • *A scientific study found that the most dangerous drugs used in combination included the antihistamine chlorphenamine (used in Piriton) a high risk antihystamine and low risk eye drops – had a 20% chance of dying within two years, compared with over 65’s who took nothing.

Other drugs used in combination include Furosemide, common bladder medications, heart drugs, and asthma treatments.

All the drugs work by blocking a key chemical in the nervous system called Acetylcholine.

  • The study also identified the risk in a far greater range of drugs than had previously been documented, meaning that G.P.’s may have been prescribing pills to patients without knowing the potentially deadly side-effects of combining medication.  Incidentally this does not wash with me, but this is my own opinion!  Medics and Nurses and Pharmacists are taught about drug combination, and as far as I am concerned it is their duty to know or to find out – before dispensing any drug whatsoever.   Peoples health and lives are at stake here.   Let’s get with the program!
  • Ian Maident, one of  the researchers and a pharmacist at Kent University.  ‘It is not just the obvious medicines, it is things like heart drugs and antihistamines, and lots of doctors and nurses and pharmacists may not be aware that these medicines have this problem.’  

I ask, ‘Why are they not aware of this problem?’  This is tantamount to manslaughter by neglect.  Yet they continue to practice on people without the necessary up to date knowledge on all these lethal potentiates in pharmaceutical drugs which they continue to prescribe to people!

If, on the other hand, University’s etc. are paid grants to investigate medical matters then why has it taken them such a long time (and many, many deaths meantime) before discovering these things?  How many years have drugs been dispensed and are we only now discovering about these types of combinations?  

  • Latanoprost: (Eye Drops)

Adverse Reactions:  Respiratory: Upper Respiratory Tract Infection, cold, flu.

Imagine giving any elderly person an eye drop which could give any of the above, and encourage them to get their flu jabs! Just in case they caught flu!

To quote a superb Daily Mail journalist, Richard Littlejohn, ‘You couldn’t make it up’!

So mum was on Piriton (a high risk antihystamine) and Latanoprost (hopefully  a low risk eye drop) in combination therefore according to the* scientific study she had a 20% chance of dying within two years.  All this as well as the facts of these drugs and others?

No worries then!

  • Salbutamol: (Ventolin Inhaler) Rapid Heart Beat, Reactive Bronchospasm.

Warnings:  Immediate hypersensitivity reactions may occur.  Angioedema, Bronchospasm, Anaphylaxis.

Salbutamol Sulphate can produce a clinically significant Cardiovascular effect in some patients, as measured by pulse rate, blood pressure, and/or other symptoms.

Really?  Yet the G.P. mentioned nothing of this?  After all this is not a combination factor.

Salbutamol should be used with caution in patients with convulsive disorders.

*Absolutely no mention whatsoever about this factor to mum or I  from the G.P.’s

N.B. A Stroke is classed as a convulsive disorder!

  • Amoxicillin:  An association between Antibiotic exposure and Asthma
  • Is accepted both by the Medical Profession and the Department of Social Security in the U.K.  and the Health Department in Australia.

‘However, General Practitioners and the general public are either apparently unaware of this association or have not drawn from it that exposure to certain or all antibiotics for medicinal purposes, may actually cause asthma.  Antibiotics are known to have side-effects, ‘allergic’ reactions to antibiotics such as Penicillin have been documented in medical literature for over 40 years.  The severity of these side-effects which also have the symptom of an asthmatic attack, may range from a simple rash to anaphylaxis.  It is now time to reconsider whether the side-effects of antibiotics should any longer be described as ‘allergies’, implying that the problem lies with the patient rather than with the drug.  It is time that we acknowledge that drugs producing an ‘allergic’ response are toxic and in fact producing side-effects which are in many cases symptomatic of poisoning.’   ‘Some antibiotics which have been reported in the Medical Literature as causing asthma in certain individuals include Penicillin, Amoxycillin, Cephalosporins etc.’

Employees of a Pharmaceutical Company producing Amoxycillin suffered from Rhinitis and Asthma Workers in the Pharmaceutical Industry developed Asthma after exposure to 7-aminocephalosporanic acid, an intermediate used in the production of Cephalosporine.

Individuals who had Anaphylactic Reactions following oral or intramuscular exposure to Penicillin.  Laboratory studies using blood samples from these individuals showed the release of Histamine (an enzyme that causes local dilation of the blood vessels and increased permeability of the blood vessel walls) by Leucocytes (white blood cells which are primarily responsible for fighting infection and foreign substances).  Lisa Landymore-Lim.

  • Comments from:   Medical Research Council Epidemiologist (U.K.)
  • ‘Your results look most interesting & suggestive.’

That’s it?’

Smacks of Real Concern, don’t you think?

Other Drugs mum was taking on prescription are:

  • Symvastatin:  A Scientific study confirms that the use of Statins may deplete the body’s supplies of Co-enzyme Q10 which helps to keep the heart healthy. These drugs have been linked to decreased heart muscle function and increased risk of Stroke.

There are over 900 studies showing the risks of Statin Drugs, which include – Anaemia, Cataracts, Pancreatic Dysfunction, Hepatic Dysfunction (due to the potential increase in liver enzymes patients must be monitored for normal liver function), along with Cognitive loss, plus Immune System Suppression.

*Neither mum nor I were ever told about any of this!

Now let’s see.  Monitoring her for Anaemia, monitoring her Liver Function, even a mention of Co-Q10?  Nope!

The other G.P. in the surgery noted in mum’s medical records:

N.B. Carbamazepine increases risk of Hyponatraemia if given with diuretic.      Is Furosemide not a diuretic?

 Guess what?  Was mum told?  You guessed right!  Nope!

  • Carbamazepine:  May decrease the number of white blood cells, red blood cells or platelets in the blood! In rare cases the loss of platelets can become Life-Threatening.. This occurs commonly enough that a doctor may recommend frequent blood tests during first few months of use, followed by three or four tests per year for established patients.  In the U.K. testing is usually done typically once per year.

Can cause Aplastic Anaemia.  Call your doctor immediately if -sore throat, or other signs of infection.  Feeling tired/drowsiness  (told to various G.P.’s).     Retention of water in the body tissues. (Slight swelling in  foot?).

Now for the best bit.

Use with Caution in Elderly people, raised pressure in the eye (Glaucoma).

Mum had a family history of this but only attended the Hospital eye department during the last and penultimate years.

If  Carbamazepine is taken with diuretics such as Furosemide there may be an increased chance of a fall in the level of Sodium in the blood.

Serious Reactions:  Pulmonary Hypersensitivity, Arrhythmias, Seizure Exacerbation, Thrombocytopaenia, Water Intoxication.

Pulmonary Symptoms of Overdose:  may include Seizures, Unsteadiness, Rapid or Pounding Heartbeat.

G.P.  Knew mum was taking Carbamazepine, which had the above Serious Reactions which included Rapid Heartbeat – Arrhythmias, and even diagnosed that she could have ‘super added cardiac failure’?

Was any mention of this Drug told to either of us?  Nope!

Side Effects:  Cardiovascular System Congestive Heart Failure, Aggravation of Hypertension/Hypotension, Arrhythmias, Thromboembolism etc.

How’s that for a Timebomb waiting to happen?

More to the point, is this all that the Medical Profession have to offer?

If so, then they have not Truly come as far as they pride themselves, and they really, really need to get back to the drawing board, because no-one would voluntarily take something which could cause themselves to have Congestive heart failure, High blood pressure or a Thrombosis if they had a much safer alternative.  Hey, and just think, this is only one Drug! 

It is like trading one threat to Life with another.   It’s not Truly much of a choice is it? 

What is it that they cannot see or understand?

  • Heads you Lose – Tails you Cannot win!
  • Act Two Coming Soon.

First Do No Harm Part.1. Thursday, Feb 14 2013 

  • No lesson seems to be so deeply inculcated by the expertise of Life as

that you Never Should Trust experts.

Lord Salisbury 1877

Just another Blog by a grieving relative.  Just another stab at an ailing Health Service.  Just another neurotic conspiracy theorist mouthing off.


Google up something more cheery.  If, you are under middle age that is!  Who would blame you?

But if you are middle aged plus, you will blame yourself someday for not reading on.

In fact, your Life may depend on it!

What you shall read over the following story can be substantiated by my late mum’s hospital records.

Many of you will recall the kind, caring treatment given a relative or friend during their stay in hospital.

This is good!

I only hope and pray that those who treat the sick with all the skills and reverence that their Oath demands will someday take the step that is desperately needed to ‘Blow the Whistle’!

What we read in newspapers is generally forgotten in a short space of time.   Try cutting out the articles and filing them into an envelope.   Very soon you are going to need a box!  (No pun intended).

Ask yourself.  ‘Who am I?  Then ask yourself, ‘Are the horrors I am reading about daily, the medical care I can expect in my time of need?  ‘Dont I have Human Rights?’

I think I know what your answer will be.  I also know this.  By the time you have read all of this you shall be infinitely more informed than you could ever possibly imagine!

Also, the facts that you are about to read have not been taken from patients prescription leaflets (which only tell enough for the Pharmaceutical Companies to cover themselves) but have been taken from various Medical Sources of Information.

God Bless!

  • Article 1 of The Universal Declarationof Human Rights

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.  They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

  • Article 2 of he Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as reace, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status……..more.

  • Article 3 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Everyone has the right to Life, Liberty and security of person.

  • Article 7 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

All are equal before the Law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the Law.  All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination in violation of the Declaration and against any incitement to such discrimination.

Thousands of people have already died under the auspices of the Liverpool Care Pathway.  Let me make it clear that No-one, absolutely No-one has the right to perpetuate misery on another human being no matter what label they ring around it.    Article 3 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights:-

  • Everyone has the right to Life, Liberty and security of person.

Which part of The Human Rights Act  did the people who thought up the application of this L.C.P. outside of Marie Curie run hospices not understand?

No one single person has the right to dictate that another’s views as to whether they wish to live or die, are to be completely and utterly ignored, ‘regardless of the consequences for that individual’.

  • Article 8 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Everyone has the right to an Effective Remedy by the Competent National Tribunals for Acts violating the fundamental rights granted by the Constitution or by Law.

I have often heard the ‘Law is an Ass’ and if indeed this is untrue, then it is most certainly Comatose in all of the aforesaid because if it were indeed awake it would have to peel off its blindfold, and put an end to this heinous activity.  If it is not to be seen as impotent, it has a Duty to address this classic example of the command  ‘Physician Heal Thyself’.

One thing puzzles me though.

How is an Effective Remedy given to someone who has been unlawfully killed on the Liverpool ‘Care’ Pathway?

I am not an accomplished author, so please bear with me!

Having said that, I doubt any accomplished writer could make this up.

The Physician’s Oath

I solemnly pledge myself to consecrate my life to the service of humanity;  

I will give to my teachers the respect and gratitude which is their due;                 

I will practise my profession with conscience and dignity; the health of my patient will be my first consideration;  

I will maintain by all means in my power , the honour and the noble traditions of the medical profession, my colleagues will be my brothers; 

I will not permit considerations of religion, nationality, race, party politics or social standing to intervene between my duty and my patient; 

I will maintain the utmost respect for human life, from the time of conception, even under threat, I will not use my medical knowledge contrary to the laws of humanity; 

I make these promises solemnly, freely and upon my honour.  

On January 22nd mum had been increasingly short of breath over the past week with a slight cough and poor appetite.  One ankle was slightly swollen and her blood pressure was slightly raised.

*The blood tests taken on 22nd showed an increase in the Liver Function Tests and slightly raised Sodium, Chloride and Urea.

Would this not signal something affecting her liver?  Also possible dehydration? What about the Furosemide, Amoxicillin, Salbutamol inhaler?

  • The G.P. who gave mum Furosemide omitted to tell either of us that her urine should be measured along with her fluid intake when she prescribed this, as it can lead to dehydration.

*Neither mum nor myself were ever informed of this!

Why tell the patient anything?

On January 23rd mum had ‘a marked improvement, less dyspnoeic(shortness of breath), eating more and was more alert, o/e chest clear, No ankle oedema(swelling), kept on Furosemide and Amoxicillin and to be reviewed on the 2nd of February.’

On January 25th she ‘continues to slowly improve. Having Furosemide (spelt wrongly as Ferusamide which appears to be a common spelling among medics) dose split as 20mgbd and dyspnoea lessening,  o/e chest clear.  Plan continue Furosemide 20mg when antibiotic finished.’

On January 26th the G.P. wrote a prescription for Fortijuice – Forest Fruits 200ml liquid various flavours (Taking no notice of her records showing an allergy to citrus fruits).  The pharmacist informed me they only had a small selection of Fortisip and I told her mum could only take banana or apple – absolutely no citrus – as she was highly allergic to this, and every G.P. knew about this.  Every one except her latest G.P. apparently!  She had already tried Fortisip the previous November and another G.P. had noted that this had given her diarrhoea!  This was the banana flavour. Mum tried a little of the apple, but thought it too tangy.

On the 22nd I had asked the G.P. outright if mum’s iron was okay when I saw her breathless, as I knew this can cause breathlessness, and was told it was alright.

On the 23rd the Haematology results that the G.P. had tested reported:-

Ferritin       30                             Normal Range 15-300

Folate                                          Normal Range 200-800

Vit B12                                         Normal Range 210-1000

Ferritin:  Ferritin values may be inapropriately elevated by inflammatory disease.  Values between 15-45ng/ml should be viewed as Borderline particularly in the Elderly.

Folate:  Folate values between 200-250ng/ml are borderline.

Vit B12:  B12 vlaues between 210-250pg/ml are borderline.

Neither mum nor myself were ever informed of these test results! 

Borderline Ferritin, No Folate, No B12?

Four years previously mum had a stroke from which she made a remarkable recovery, and it was noted then by the Hospital records:-   *Tendency to become low in iron!                            

*Neither mum nor myself were ever informed of this!

Why tell the patient?  They don’t need to know!  Arrogance knows no bounds.

On January 29th the G.P. noted in her records Ferr. 30 borderline.  From results of 23rd?

Serum Ferritin level is the biochemical test which most reliably correlates with relative total body iron stores.  Low levels indicate low iron stores. However, the test is difficult to interpret if infection or inflammation is present, as levels can be high even in the presence of iron deficiency (WHO et al, 2001).

If inflammation is suspected to be spuriously affecting the ferritin result, practitioners need to consider other markers of inflammation (e.g. white blood cell count, platelets, C-reactive protein) or measures of iron status (e.g. iron, total iron binding capacity), and seek advice from haematology or clinical biochemistry if in doubt about selection of further tests and interpretation of results.

B12 can affect the iron in the body (which transports oxygen) and most people as they age become depleted in this.

Low oxygen can also be caused by anaemia, creating breathlessness.

Clearly this G.P. gave no consideration to these facts, or even whether her breathlessness could have been caused by the Inhaler, or the Furosemide, not to mention dehydration (again something common in the elderly).

On Tuesday 30th January, the G.P. visited mum, who was improving- but when she was going to bed the previous night (we always did a choo choo train, partly so that I could guide her through the door and partly to give her a laugh) I noticed her little heart was racing a bit- so I asked the G.P.  if mum could have some oxygen for ‘occasional use’ in case she became breathless.

Incidentally another G.P. in this practice had given mum Piriton the year previous which she had tried before trying the inhaler.  Unknown at the time is:-

Drugs: Chlorpheniramine (Piriton)  

Concern: Anticholergenic: AE, urine retention, confusion, sedation.

Bear in mind this was merely my suggestion/question as mum had no complaints whatsoever.    I had asked the local pharmacist about this possibility many months before and he was quite laid back about it saying ‘You just ask your G.P. for a prescription, I have a lots of patients who get this’.

The G.P. stated that if mum needed oxygen ‘she would have to go to hospital for assessment’.  As G.P’s only give oxygen as a last resort?

At this we were about to say ‘we will just leave it meantime’ when back came the retort ‘besides if she needs an x-ray?‘  Bear in mind there had been no suggestion of anything until I; stupidly as it turned out; asked about occasional oxygen.  I asked why would this be and was told that it would check her heart was okay.   This was the first time this was even suggested!

At this mum said ‘I don’t want to go to hospital…’ and I said ‘I don’t want you to go to hospital either mum, but if you need an x-ray?’  At this, mum sighed resignedly and looked a bit forlorn.

I first of all asked if mum could just go to A&E and was talked out of this under the auspices that ‘she might have a three and a half-hour wait’, so we agreed to wait for the ambulance.  I asked how long we would have to get ready before the ambulance came, in order to make mum something to eat and drink as I knew from past experience that there was probably no food or water available.

How sickened am I to be so correct?

*The G.P.  stated “Well it’s not an emergency, so about one thirty?”  confirming mum would have time for a sandwich and a cup of tea before the ambulance would arrive.  G.P. would finish the rest of her list of home visits then return to the office and phone for an ambulance from there.

The G.P.’s records show that @ 12:42p.m. on Jan 30…. She recorded:- marked deterioration, very dyspnoiec at rest(breathless), P/e tachycardia (heart racing), Chest PN dull at right base, BS ves.  Refer rec physc.

  • (No beds with care of the elderly.)

I had already asked  about A&E but advised against this because it could be about a three and a half hour wait!

No beds for care of the elderly, yet G.P. knew this @12:42 to write in her records and did not advise mum or I of this?

  • First observations for any Readers to check please?

If she was typing her notes @ 12:42pm after finishing her rounds of patients, and after phoning to check if there were any beds?

A) Why did the Ambulance Crew write in their form:- Urgent. Ex copd.  Pt. was seen by G.P. today 13:00, arrange A&B, would phone with Pt./ details to….. -not C/O pain on route.

B) Ambulance Crew could only get this information from the G.P.  therefore she must have informed them it was Urgent (which would instigate a faster response from the Crew – which can lead to their own blood pressure rising unnecessarily).

C) Ambulance Crew could only get the time of 13:00 from the G.P. yet she was back in her office checking about ‘no beds for care of the elderly’ before 12:42 in order to start her notes?

D) How could she have seen her patient @ 13:00?

  • This must be unlawful?  If e.g. a department of forensics were to check on something about a patient and required the correct times.
  • N.B. about No pain in the Ambulance!
  • If the G.P. was delaying the time in order for mum to have something to eat and drink, then this would be an explanation –  But!
  • If mum was an Urgent case, would we have been told “It’s not an emergency, so about one thirty?
  • If mum was not an emergency, why tell the Ambulance Crew Urgent when the Time of Call was 13:25?
  • The Ambulance Crew Bust a Gut and were at Patient @ 13:37 and Time Left was 13:50 and we arrived at the Hospital @ 13:57,  illustrating my point about unnecessary stress placed on them!

A letter was sent from the G.P. dated 30/01/…..

Dear Doctor,

I would appreciate an admission for the above-named patient.  I have been looking after her at home for the last week with an exacerbation of COPD with probable super-added cardiac failure.

She has been treated with Amoxycillin and 20mgm. b.d. of Frusemide.(G.P.’s spelling).  N.B. mgm. should read mg.

No mention of Salbutamol inhaler?

Neither mum nor myself were ever informed of the possibility of a super-added cardiac failure.

It is time all of this Arrogant Secrecy was abolished.  One would think they were talking about a Robot – not Human Beings!

The Secret Service has nothing on this Latin based Secret Code Language!

Ask yourself.  Who does this suit?

On examination she has a tachycardia, is tachypnoeic at rest and examination of the chest revealed dullness to percussion at the right base.

Where are any medical records about the patient?

On the previous September mum had been sent by another G.P. in the practice, for an electrocardiography test and    ‘The results showed Normal Left Ventricular function and the only positive finding really was Some Left Ventricular hypertrophy.’

The G.P. congratulated mum stating “As a matter of fact your results are quite remarkable for a woman of your age.”

There was Never anything wrong with mum’s heart even when she died, except that it stopped!  And No Wonder! As you will see for yourself.

  •           This is merely Act One.

Why we spend so much on healthcare Tuesday, Feb 12 2013 

Why we spend so much on healthcare.

Who will look after the patients when all the doctors have been locked up? Tuesday, Feb 12 2013 

Who will look after the patients when all the doctors have been locked up?.

Death by Trust Friday, Feb 8 2013 

The Killing of a Fine Lady


  • A General Practitioner                               2 Hospital Consultants
  • Ambulance Crew                                       A Hospital Pharmacist
  • An A&E FY2 Junior Doctor                          Nursing Sisters
  • A Hospital                                                 Nurses
  • A Ward Manager                                        A Dietitian
  • An FY2 Junior Doctor                                 Nursing Assistants


    ‘A Not Too Unwell Woman’

~Now Deceased~

I am writing this because I have been unable to find anyone willing to give a professional opinion on the hospital records pertaining to my mother’s ten day stay in an N.H.S. hospital, for the simple reason that I did not wish to pursue this for monetary gain.

Therefore I was in catch twenty two.  No doctor would read this without the backing of a lawyer (doesn’t auger well for confidence in their own abilities does it?) and no lawyer will give out the name of any doctor they use.

When I first undertook this mammoth task I thought negligence to be the prima facae, then gradually I swayed back and forward between thinking I was either dealing with a sort of imbecile or a very cunning mind in the format of a Final Year Student Doctor of Medicine. Or even that it was perhaps a combination of both.  It has taken me a very long time to work this out and only the facts themselves  have been revealed by the FY2 and others’ own hands.

At the end of this long journey into the abyss I shall list all of the cogent points I have discovered; from my mother’s medical records; with the evidence which speaks volumes for itself, showing exactly what transpired from beginning to end and condemning those involved.

A case of ‘Hung By Their Own Petard!’

When I speak of others I realised that there was another factor at work in the form of a nursing sister, and thought I must be becoming rather paranoid, but Not So!

I always play the Devil’s Advocate as well as Weighing and Judging so there was no fear of my becoming sucked into this groggy mire and adding to it with any embellishment on my part.

In Truth, there was no requirement to do so, as the facts began to speak for themselves!

Therefore I invite the readers of this blog to form their opinion about these hospital records-especially any amateur detectives who enjoy medical matters.  Also if anyone feels that they can advise me in any sound way then I would be more than grateful for their input?

It is my sincere hope that people who read this will find a lot of the facts which hitherto were hidden from view very useful and may even save someone from potential harm.  When they say, a little knowledge is dangerous this will never apply to this information, as they inadvertently sent me on my own search, and search I did!

Not in a little way either.  Once I commit to an undertaking it is almost impossible for me to do anything half-hearted, so you may be certain that what I have written about Drugs etc. has been well researched, (with the evidence to back it up in the form of Scientific Studies) beyond what the medical ‘profession’? would either like to give us or facts they are not not familiar with, but ought to be before telling anyone to overwhelm the human body with these poisons!

The time limit is now out of date but the details shall never die!

This is in particular for the 12million pensioners in the U.K. along with those who have or had loved ones harmed by the N.H.S., which was set up to serve the people of this Country, but has instead in many instances become self serving!

It hopefully shall not become your story!

Should you decide this must stop then I ask you to sign a petition at the end of this story.

The U.K. Government requires a minimum of 100,000 people to sign a petition.

Does the U.K. Government state the following?

The European Union calls for curbs on citizen petitions in that they want to limit the demands European citizens can make in petitions by bringing in tougher rules on the amount of personal data required to be given by people signing them. Under the plans, citizens’ proposals that go “against the values of the union” (whatever that means, but one would imagine that this petition would be honoured, however this would require honourable people to decide) will not be accepted………….

An attempt to set severe limits on the ability of European citizens to exert their democratic will is proven by the fact that all petitions are to be subjected to an admissibilty check once they reach a total of 300,000 signatures, with officials ‘themselves’ being given powers to stop any petition ‘they’ decide does not meet the requirements.

If you indeed find against the N.H.S. I ask you to sign at least a Million preferably ten Million signatures.

The N.H.S. is servant to the people of the United Kingdom.

The Government is servant to the people of the United Kingdom.

It is time for the people of this Country to stop behaving like servants to the Government.

The first post Saturday, Jun 16 2012 

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