Who am I?

I am the daughter of the most beautiful, kind, generous, unselfish, caring mother anyone could have been blessed with.

How do I feel about her untimely death?

I feel as though someone had punched into my entire being and pulled out part of my soul.

How would I describe this?

Edvard Munch’s picture of  ‘The Scream’.

This happened to my mother, a lady who only ever gave encouragement and help at every moment of her life, whenever she could.  She never said an unkind statement in her life, and truly could not even swat flies.

She had a life’s background which would astonish people.  In monetary terms she could have been exceptionally wealthy, and my only regret that she put her daughter first is the fact that she need never have gone to an N.H.S. hospital had she taken this other path.  She did however have a wealth which surpasses all understanding, but not the World’s.

Who am I?

I Care!

Do You?