This is one version of breast cancer which fortunately is not as common, but nevertheless makes excellent reading.


Greetings, all. The Doctor is In.

Sad news today, I’m afraid. Last Tuesday, the New York Timespublished a letter from actress, director and WHO ambassador Angelina Jolie. Jolie wrote that she had undergone a double mastectomy (that is, removal of both breasts.) Following her mother’s the death at a young age from cancer, Jolie said that she had been genetically tested. She had discovered that she, too, also carried a particular mutation in her BRCA1 gene that raised her risk for breast and ovarian cancer enormously.

For most women, the risk of breast cancer is around 12%; but some mutations of the BRCA1 gene increase that risk. The degree of increased risk the mutation causes varies, depending on the type of mutation and how many mutated copies of the gene the woman carries. On average, a harmful BRCA1 mutation raises a woman’s risk for breast cancer to 60%; Jolie…

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