If I have failed to do a thoughtful deed,

or turned my back on anyone in need,

If I’ve ignored the clouds in someone’s skies.

Or missed the chance to wipe another’s eyes,

If I have spoken words of bitterness,

If I have failed or faltered, more or less,

If I’ve forgotten the golden rule some way,

Please bring tomorrow’s dawning, so I may,

Make up for all I’ve left undone today!

Author Unknown

‘I wish to apologise for the confusion in posting Part 7 before Part 6 (here) as for some reason the date for Part 6 was scheduled for 6 June?’

I am greatly indebted to the kind person who advised me to give a short overview at the beginning of my blog entitled ‘Death By Trust!

Thank you so very much, as I had missed this opportunity and am very grateful for your advice, which I have carried out forthwith!

This must singularly stand out as the most traumatic work I have ever undertaken.  Words fail to describe the gnawing agony I feel inside, so it is my fervent prayer that someone, somewhere will read this as an expert in this Field.

To ignore it would be to ignore all our future’s purpose, as it is completely futile to plan for any future Life while this type of behaviour goes unreported and unpunished.

This has already been underway for far too long, beginning with the elderly, then babies and now the in-betweeners.

It is only a matter of time until with DNA studies and Genetics throwing up the potentials for no insurance, therefore no medical intervention.

Surely you do not imagine that all this verbosity around Gene Therapy and Stem Cells is all for our Benefit?

All new things in medicine have been ‘tried out’ on the minions (and soldiers in the field) then if proven effective used on the wealthy.  It is not possible to charge fortunes to help the wealthy and not produce some benefits as they will come back and bite them on the Ass, or worse Sue them for every penny possible.

Millions of people died in Two World Wars, Not for King, Not for Country per se but to protect those they loved from harm.

In allowing this type of heinous behaviour to go unchallenged we make a mockery of everything that Life itself stands for, and everything that Millions of people died for.

Do you imagine they saw that their own sacrifice of Life would be totally meaningless, when their loved ones were to be put on a scrap heap and not only allowed to die, in some cases horrifically, but actually being deliberately killed off, under a pretense that ‘it is for the best.’

The best for whom?

The Truth is much uglier than this.

What type of future is there for the young generation?

Years ago in Michael Anderson’s film Logan’s Run with the Late Sir Peter Ustinov, and Michael York playing a ‘Sandman’ who rebels.  It depicts a Dystopic Ageist Society in which both population and the consumption of resources are maintained in equilibrium by requiring the death of everyone reaching a certain age, which is 21 to the day.

And you thought this was just a film.

As Dylan Thomas wrote

Rage Rage at the Dying of The Light!

The following gives me an acute stab in the gut, and tears me apart every single time, when I read the many hundreds of articles which write of the following:

  • An article in the Telegraph by Laura Donnelly and Alastair Jamieson dated 15 Oct 2011 tells of  ‘Elderly patients condemned to early death by Secret use of ‘Do Not Resuscitate orders’.

These are routinely being applied without the knowledge of the patient or their relatives.

‘A charity for the elderly said the disclosures were evidence of ‘euthanasia by the backdoor,’ with potentially-lethal notices being placed on the files of patients simply because they were old and frail!’

I don’t know about you, but in my book this is tantamount to murder because it is premeditated, against people’s Human Rights to Live and under :

Article 3 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

  • Everyone has the Right to Life, Liberty and security of person.

These matters should be dealt with in the Criminal Law Courts!

When I first began to research this abomination I said to a friend ‘I am going to have to be very careful, in case I frighten the shit out of anyone to the extent they will be afraid to go into Hospital.’

This no longer applies!  Having read the facts of what can happen when you do so, I am sad to say ‘you ought to have the shit frightened out of you so that you

‘Take Action against a Sea of Troubles and by Opposing End Them!’

  • It is Time for the people of this entire Country to become outraged at this and  stand up to be counted!
  • If they don’t then they Are Next in Line.  There is nothing more certain.

The only thing necessary for evil to succeed is for Good Men to stand and do Nothing!

Hundreds of people have already been unlawfully killed in this way every single year, with Many, Many More Hundreds of Thousands of Relatives and Loved Ones still suffering as a consequence of these ill treatments and deaths.  To the extent that this suffering shall entail until their own demise!

  • Under the auspices of the Liverpool Care Pathway; which no doubt when used with compassion without starvation or liquid withdrawal; as in the Marie Curie principal; the alleviation of terrible suffering with attending compassion would hardly be objected, only and once no alternative has been established.

Today this is not the case, in many Hospitals, as under this Permitted and  Actively Encouraged and Government Funded Umbrella to assist them to meet target quotas,  people are being unlawfully killed off, simply because they are old, and no longer of any use to the ‘System’!

  • No money in it you see!

I have one Word of warning to give:

  • Thou Shalt Not Kill

I can also warn that every single person involved in any one of these crimes against humanity Shall Pay with their own Soul, whenever the slightest doubt exists as to whether this is used in selflessness or selfishness.

Only those individuals will know themselves at this moment in time, but Time has a way of unearthing everything that was hidden, and it shall be so in Time, of this I am assured!

This is a most awesome undertaking and is not for the selfish being to have in his hands, so how do the people who have thought this up decide who is fit and who is not?

The sad answer is they don’t, and they have not.

  • This scenario has been rolled out into the Community for Nurses to administer where they see fit – After A Twelve Week Course!
  • One nurse who cares stated, that knowing some of her colleagues, and also knowing that some old people can be a bit awkward especially in their own home which is their own fortress, so to speak, that she is worried sick about this as she can imagine a person who is intolerant going into an elderly persons home where they live alone and just because she takes a dislike to the old man or woman, puts them on the Liverpool Care Pathway, which in these circumstances would mean no food or water, Hey but plenty of Drugs!

Easy Peasy Victim! and Plenty More out there!

Who would see this happening?

No one apart from the poor victim, because there are not enough staff to go around as it is, so do you imagine someone is going to follow up and check this?

It is now being rolled out for babies also, incidentally!

  • Who’s Next?

Without the Umbrella of The Liverpool ‘Care’ Pathway all sorts of underhand abuse would never take place in Hospitals today, as the perpetrators would be too afraid of being caught.  But caught they shall be.

I tell you in Truth!

All That is Hidden Shall Be Revealed!


This is the opposite of Love for One Another

or To Treat Your Neighbour as You Wish To Be Treated!

Roll up folks!  Whose first for the Starvation trail?  What about some Dehydration?  Or perhaps a goodly dose of Morphine and you’ll forget Aaaall About It? 

Just think, you can even have this when there is next to nothing wrong with you, especially after you Volunteer to come into the parlour now because you are a little bit breathless.  We will soon sort you OUT! 

The bit you don’t know is that you will be sorted OUT in a COFFIN!

And all because they thought it was HIDDEN!

What is that saying?  Your sins have a way of finding you out!

We are allowed to mess ourselves up All We Like.

But – We Get The Bill!

We are Not Allowed to do the same to Others!

Or – We Get The Bill!

  • To recant what mum was given on the 3rd:
  • At 7-9am mum was given:

2G Ceftriaxone IV

20mg Prednisolone Oral

1G Paracetamol Disperse

5mls Carbamazepine Oral

  • At 12-2pm mum was given:

2G Ceftriaxone IV

1G Paracetamol Disperse

500mg Clarithromycin IV

  • At 4-6pm mum was given:

1G Paracetamol Disperse

  • At 7.30pm the other FY2’s 20mg Furosemide was Not given and Not initialled!
  • At 10-12pm mum was given:

500mg Clarithromycin IV

1G Paracetamol Disperse

5mls Carbamazepine Oral

1 Drop Latanoprost ea. eye

  • At 12.00 Mid. mum was given:

2G Ceftriaxone IV

  • You aint seen nothing yet!

~Act Nineteen~

On 4th at 04.00 the sister of the disgruntled nurse wrote:

Slept for short spells.  Up to commode.  Also incontinent of urine.  Transfers with 1-2 nurses.  *Observations as charted.  IV fluids continue 10hrly. IV anti bx as prescribed. (This could only be the 12mid. 2G Ceftriaxone).

I haven’t a clue what these *Observations are as the first time for these was noted at 08.30 after all hell broke loose!

At 04.30 (same nurse as above) Climbed out of bed, sat on commode pulling Venflon in the process.

Very bad! tut tut.  

  • Big bother!
  • Where were the ‘nurses’ who were meant to assist her?
  • What were they doing apart from watching her pull this?
  • Let’s blame it on the ‘confused’, ‘doped up, incontinent elderly patient’.  ‘Why Not?
  • After all they cannot tell anyone, and they don’t know we’re writing this shit about them to make out they are to blame!
  •  To blame for harming themselves?

Confused at times!

  Imagine that! 

Both nurses knew the above situation Yet:

  • *No nurse attended mum from 04.30 until 08.30.
  • Why?

N.B. The sister of the disgruntled nurse had been on duty on the 3rd from 7-9am when she gave the first 2G Ceftriaxone, until 10-12pm when she gave the 500mg Clarithromycin, plus possibly the 12Mid. dose of 2G Ceftriaxone –and was on duty the next morning at 04.00 until her last notes at 04.30, possibly until 08.30am!!!

How many hours is that?

This same nursing sister gave mum Saline with dextrose plus KCI 20mmol, and she had Saline with dextrose plus KCI 20mmol at 05.50.

  • At 7-9am mum was given:

2G Ceftriaxone IV

20mg Prednisolone Oral

20mg Furosemide Oral

1G Paracetamol Disperse

5mls Carbamazepine Oral

5mg Salbutamol Neb

0.5mg Atrovent Neb

  • At 08.30 the nurse/assistant wrote:
  • *Found to be pale and lyspnotic.
  • At 08.30 Sats 50% off O2.  4(6)? Litres O2 administered – Sats up 77%.
  • What happened to cause this?

B.. 140/60 pulse 119. Resp. 24.

*There is No Chart written for Sats 50%., or the 4L of O2 given!

This was written only on nurse’s notes!

  • At 08.30 another FY2 was called in as mum’s Sats. were 75% (77% on Chart!) on 4L O2.

She took an Arterial sample which was analyzed at 8.48am and took down various observations from FY2’s previous notes along with:

Known COPD. L base pneumonia?

Creps L base.  Patient sitting up.  Gross ankle oedema.  Sats improved 86% on 5L O2.

Her PCO2 was up 7.1 and her PO2 was down 6.5 – taken from the Arterial sample results.


Given at 9am: Furosemide 20mg IV.    (A Once Only prescription was written.)

N.B. There was no observation between 04.30 and 08.30am when mum was found pale and lyspnotic, Yet at 7-9am 20mg Prednisolone Oral, 2G Ceftriaxone IV, 1G Paracetamol Disperse, 5mls Carbamazepine Oral were all given by the same nurse who gave the 20mg Furosemide at 9am when the emergency FY2 wrote a Once Only prescription.

If mum took unwell after the further 4th dose of 2G Ceftriaxone along with the other drugs, or before these?

  • Where are the nurses notes?
  • Also why was the missed dose of Furosemide the day before not noticed as it had been written above the emergency FY2’s Furosemide on the 4th?
  • Did anyone eventually question this missed dose?

At 9am 5mg Salbutamol Neb given. By the emergency FY2.

  • No Once Only prescription was written by the emergency FY2?
  • How do nurses know to give this? Are these verbal instructions which lead to errors?
  • Mum had been on O2 every day so When was this stopped and Why?
  • Verbalisation again?
  • More to the point Who stopped this and Where are the instructions to do so?
  • A nurse/assistant wrote at 08.30, BP 140/60 Pulse 119, Resp 24.
  • Then the Salbutamol Nebuliser was given at 09.00 after the FY2’s instructions.
  • The same  nurse wrote at 09.00, Sats 86% in her notes  (which was actually 08.45 onthe Chart)   BP 123/80 pulse 107 (which was 111) with no resp. rate or Litres of O2 written on chart.
  • The pulse of 107 was at 09.35!
  • At 09.35 the chart shows Sats 88% on 4L, resp. rate 24, and BP 142/70, pulse 107. written by the same nurse as above but timed for 09.40 on her notes (with pulse written 109).
  • At 09.40 the Sats were 87% on 6L, resp rate 24, BP131/79?, pulse 101! But these were not written in the nurses notes!

FY2 arrived around 9am?

Shortly afterward and timed between 9am and 10.22 FY2 wrote her Review:

87 i. COPD.

pneumonia (Did she take this from the other FY2’s question on her emergency notes at 08.30am?)

On Ceftriaxone + Clarithromycin.

Note above – Sats down this am. currently 85/90% on 28%? – (taken from chart at 9.35am). – After Salbutamol + 20mg Furosemide.

PO2 6.5 PCO2 7.1  (These figures were taken from the emergency Arterial sample results at 8.48am).

N.B.  These 8.48am results were Before the Salbutamol and 20mg Furosemide were given at 9am!

  • Therefore the figures which FY2 had taken from the report @ 8.48am were before the above Nebs + Furosemide @ 9am were given, so they could not indicate any change from these.
  • In fact after drugs there was an improvement which showed up in FY2’s Arterial sample at 10.22am.
  • This report by FY2 is both erroneous and pointless.  It could  (at a glance) provide any other member of the medical staff with information detrimental to the patient’s well-being by the suggestion that the Salbutamol and Furosemide had affected these results!
  • *Patient has no complaints!
  • My mother must have been so frightened after having had a horrendous night and would say this in the hope that she could get out of there!
  • She had just had a horrendous night and I had been telephoned to come in by the nursing staff who phoned to tell me mum  had a bad night, but another patient across from mum told me the truth!

Munch’s Scream again!

FY2 notes continue:

Chest – poor air entry,  scattered wheeze, L base – no breath sounds, dull to percussion.

At 09.40 ECG sinus rythm – 100bpm. No acute changes. Inverted T waves V1-V3 – Not New.

On IV fluids recently due to poor fluid intake.

  • On 2nd the nurse had noted ‘eating and drinking fair amounts’, so when was the poor fluid intake?

Bilateral pitting ankle oedema –

What about the swelling up to her stomach?

New since admission.

You bet it was and then some!

Imp/? worsening pneumonia –

When did this start as this was never mentioned as a possibility?

Stupid question, when was anything ever mentioned as a possibility?

LVF (Left Ventricular Hypertrophy)

N.B. The report from the Chest x-ray:*

FY2 notes continue:



  • FY2 only took a further Arterial sample which was analysed at 10.22am!
  • Sats 94%  PO2 10.0, PCO2 6.9, H+ 36.8, HCO3 34.5.  On 35% O2.These were taken from the results of the Arterial blood sample which FY2 took at 10.22am.
  • No Haematology Test on the 4th!
  • No Biochemistry Test on the 4th!

At 9.25am a Further 20mg Furosemide – A Once Only Prescription was written.



*The nurse/assistant who wrote all of the charts ‘inserted’ this catheter and who wrote in her notes at 9am that mum had refused Oral Furosemide, and had ticked the box for Easy insertion which I shall Never Believe .

In fact I believe Catheterisation to be an assault on the person unless they were completely immobilised and unable to use even a commode or a bedpan! This is most often a convenience for the nursing staff, and I have listened to patients ( both male and female and have heard a male ‘doctor’ snigger at the woman) screaming at some of the dummies who do this to them!

  • This procedure incidentally, which is routinely carried out, can and does cause Urethral infections plus ongoing actual damage to this area, and the sheer unadulterated arrogance which permits this should also be questioned in a Court of Law!
  • Incidentally, Who is going to do anything about this?
  • Is there anyone out there interested in this subject?

This Catheter must have been done before FY2’s arrival as this would Not be a priority, so a nurse/assistant did this Before a doctor gave permission! It was not possible to do this then write nurses notes at 9am when the emergency FY2 was trying to help mum.

That solved the urine incontinence!

This was also the day that mum was confined to bed, never to rise again!

I shall Never forgive myself for entrusting her to these beings?

Never, Ever!

FY2 Notes continue:

Try to increase O2 to 35%. Re-check ABG’s.

Atrovent Nebuliser

  • At 9.40am 0.5mg Atrovent given.  FY2 wrote No Once Only prescription.
  • How do nurses know to give this?
  • Verbalisation again which give rise to errors as illustrated below?



  • Have you noted that mum was given at 7-9am:
  • 5mg Salbutamol Neb
  • 0.5mg Atrovent Neb
  • Now she has been given 5mg Salbutamol Neb at 9am. (By emergency FY2).
  • Plus 0.5mg Atrovent Neb at 9.40am. (By FY2).
  • What is much more important is the fact that the 9am Salbutamol of 5mg and the 0.5mg Atrovent at 9.40am Should have been administered Together!
  • Allied by the fact that Atrovent should Not be Overdosed.
  • Both of the above are Dangerous!
  • What sort of Calibre are we seeing here?

FY2 Notes continue:

Increase Prednisolone to 40mg* (on 20mg currently).

This prescription* was written to be started on the 5th!

FY2 wrote a Once Only prescription for 20mg Furosemide at 9.25am!

FY2 gave an extra dose 2omg of Prednisolone at 11am on the 4th!

FY2 wrote 11 on the normal prescription at 11am for a further 20mg Prednisolone (instructing this extra dose time).

FY2 also wrote a Once Only prescription for this 20mg Prednisolone at 11am?

FY2 wrote 11 on the normal prescription at 11am for a further 20mg Furosemide (instructing this extra dose time).

FY2 wrote No doctors notes written for this further 20mg Furosemide at 11am

FY2 wrote No Once Only prescription for this further 20mg Furosemide at 11am.

FY2 wrote 11 on the normal prescription for a further 1G Paracetamol at 11am (instructing this extra dose time).

FY2 wrote No Once Only prescription for this further 1G Paracetamol at 11am?

FY2 wrote 11 on the normal prescription for a further 5mls Carbamazepine at 11am (instructing this extra dose time).

FY2 wrote No Once Only prescription for this further 5mls Carbamazepine at 11am?

The only time that Once Only prescriptions are written by FY2 are:

The 9.25am 20mg Furosemide (which is actually written in a misleading fashion as the actual increase to 40mg prescription was dated for the 5th!) therefore no mention is written in doctors notes particularly indicating a 20mg increase on the 4th!

The only other one written is the 20mg Prednisolone for 11am. This is also mentioned in her notes!

  • All of the other extra doses at 11am did Not have Once Only prescriptions And:
  • They were Not written in the doctors notes!
  • Therefore it is highly unlikely that any Consultant or other doctor including other FY2’s would be unaware that these other 11am doses were given!
  • The only way of knowing this would be to examine the prescription sheets which would be highly unlikely for a Consultant in particular.

N.B. Both Paracetamol and Carbmazepine helps to dose elderly people !

It’s enough to Make you spit!

Nurses notes are:

Further Stat dose Furosemide 40mg IV.

FY2 Wrote notes for further Furosemide at 14.20 – Dr… had suggested this dose!

FY2 wrote a Once Only prescription for further 40mg Furosemide at 14.20.


FY2 Notes continue:

Keep on IV Ceftriaxone

Absolutely! After 4 doses of 2G within 24hours = 8G,

Why Not? Especially after having had a horrendous night!

Just keep taking the medicine!

It’s nothing if not obscene!

CXR Results: report states 10.22: but X-ray time is 10.11.

Chest (4.2…)

*The heart is not enlarged and the mediastinum was unremarkable. Extensive bilateral upper zone fibrocalcareous changes again noted which is unchanged compared with 30.01…  A relatively small left sided pleural effusion is again noted and this is essentially unchanged.  This might be secondary to infection.


To continue 35% O2.

Hold off IV fluids just now.

*Await blood results.  Remember only the Arterial was taken!

*These blood results could only possibly refer to the bloods which FY2 had verbalised? to a nurse to take the day before, as FY2 had already written up her own Arterial sample results taken @ 10.22am.

These could only reveal mum’s state from the day before and had nothing to do with her condition on that 4th!

Monitor Sats.

Note patient has not had Clexane for 2 days.

More garbage!

And plenty more to follow!

Like the blood results taken from the 3rd which FY2 lists as though they were applicable that day, which by the 4th and Hell night would not relate to mum’s condition after all the 2G doses of Ceftriaxone.

Plus the details of Clexane.

After all, this is only the 1st part of the date of the 4th.

Just wait until the 5th when I recant all of the drugs from the 4th and you will find it hard to swallow!

And Then Some!

Time out folks!  Time for a cuppa!