A new warning from Dr Rath just arrived:-

The War on Media Freedom.

‘A new report written for the European Commission recommends regulation of internet news, modifying search engines to control access to “conspiracy sites”, the creation of European government news agencies and the training of new “cadres of professional journalists…for...science, technology, finance or medicine“.’  Read article on the Centre for Research on Globalization website.

Another report, this time from The Daily Mail, Saturday, February 9, 2013:-

‘Martin Schultz, president of the European Parliament and former leader of its socialist group, suggested a vote on the budget should be secret to allow MEPs to break away from party leaders and maximise the chances of it being rejected.

A secret vote would spare MEPs’ blushes ahead of European elections in 2014, when voters might punish their profligacy.

A senior British official described the idea as a ‘shocking subversion of democracy’.

But Mr Schultz said: ‘I cannot, will not and indeed may not accept what amount to deficit budgets.’

Please read the articles for yourself.

Now to get back to the job in hand.

The culture in the N.H.S. is endemic right across the Country.  While there are many excellent staff working in the N.H.S., who do a terrific job working under very difficult conditions, not least staffing cuts especially to the front line of nursing, nevertheless there are also people who are cold, callous and detached who most definately do not belong there.

These types not on only create a Hell on Earth for patients, but also for any nursing staff who have the misfortune to work alongside them.

Daily Mail, 15 November, 2012.  N.H.S. workers in Scotland say they have experienced bullying or harassment at work.  According to the figures, of the 19% who reported bullying, 58% said it had been from a team head or manager, and 60% said it was a colleague.

A recent independent report into N.H.S. Lothian, which followed the scandal over waiting times, found that increased pressure to meet targets was leading to the bullying of staff.

At the time, Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon said there was no evidence to suggest the problems were more widespread.

Another example from Daily Mail, February 7, 2012.                                               ‘The GMC tried to discredit Dr Kim Holt a consultant community paediatrician at Haringey Primary Care Trust, she was suspended in 2006, by Great Ormond Street Hospital, the trust that then employed her, after she ‘blew the whistle’ on staff shortages and a ‘chaotic’ appointment system at the clinic where, months later, Baby P was treated days before his death.’  “It didn’t ever get to the stage of a complaint to the GMC, but there was an attempt to discredit me, to force me out of medicine as a damage limitation exercise.” she recalls, “I was lucky in that I’ve now been reinstated in my job.  But I’ve met several doctors who have been reported to the GMC by their trusts after they became whistleblowers, and a handful who have even been struck off the medical register.”

What do you think of that folks?

Wasn’t she Lucky! to be reinstated?

Wasn’t that Awfully Big of them?

Where is the incentive to speak out?


Dare to speak and see what happens-Heads you Lose-Tails you Cannot win!

First Do No Harm!

Who are the wrongdoers here?

The Hospitals are generally referred to as Hospital Trusts.  We understand why, but if ever there was a mis-placed word Trust is surely it!

Next post tells the story.   In the words of the late Al Jolson, “You ain’t heard nothing yet!”