The Killing of a Fine Lady


  • A General Practitioner                               2 Hospital Consultants
  • Ambulance Crew                                       A Hospital Pharmacist
  • An A&E FY2 Junior Doctor                          Nursing Sisters
  • A Hospital                                                 Nurses
  • A Ward Manager                                        A Dietitian
  • An FY2 Junior Doctor                                 Nursing Assistants


    ‘A Not Too Unwell Woman’

~Now Deceased~

I am writing this because I have been unable to find anyone willing to give a professional opinion on the hospital records pertaining to my mother’s ten day stay in an N.H.S. hospital, for the simple reason that I did not wish to pursue this for monetary gain.

Therefore I was in catch twenty two.  No doctor would read this without the backing of a lawyer (doesn’t auger well for confidence in their own abilities does it?) and no lawyer will give out the name of any doctor they use.

When I first undertook this mammoth task I thought negligence to be the prima facae, then gradually I swayed back and forward between thinking I was either dealing with a sort of imbecile or a very cunning mind in the format of a Final Year Student Doctor of Medicine. Or even that it was perhaps a combination of both.  It has taken me a very long time to work this out and only the facts themselves  have been revealed by the FY2 and others’ own hands.

At the end of this long journey into the abyss I shall list all of the cogent points I have discovered; from my mother’s medical records; with the evidence which speaks volumes for itself, showing exactly what transpired from beginning to end and condemning those involved.

A case of ‘Hung By Their Own Petard!’

When I speak of others I realised that there was another factor at work in the form of a nursing sister, and thought I must be becoming rather paranoid, but Not So!

I always play the Devil’s Advocate as well as Weighing and Judging so there was no fear of my becoming sucked into this groggy mire and adding to it with any embellishment on my part.

In Truth, there was no requirement to do so, as the facts began to speak for themselves!

Therefore I invite the readers of this blog to form their opinion about these hospital records-especially any amateur detectives who enjoy medical matters.  Also if anyone feels that they can advise me in any sound way then I would be more than grateful for their input?

It is my sincere hope that people who read this will find a lot of the facts which hitherto were hidden from view very useful and may even save someone from potential harm.  When they say, a little knowledge is dangerous this will never apply to this information, as they inadvertently sent me on my own search, and search I did!

Not in a little way either.  Once I commit to an undertaking it is almost impossible for me to do anything half-hearted, so you may be certain that what I have written about Drugs etc. has been well researched, (with the evidence to back it up in the form of Scientific Studies) beyond what the medical ‘profession’? would either like to give us or facts they are not not familiar with, but ought to be before telling anyone to overwhelm the human body with these poisons!

The time limit is now out of date but the details shall never die!

This is in particular for the 12million pensioners in the U.K. along with those who have or had loved ones harmed by the N.H.S., which was set up to serve the people of this Country, but has instead in many instances become self serving!

It hopefully shall not become your story!

Should you decide this must stop then I ask you to sign a petition at the end of this story.

The U.K. Government requires a minimum of 100,000 people to sign a petition.

Does the U.K. Government state the following?

The European Union calls for curbs on citizen petitions in that they want to limit the demands European citizens can make in petitions by bringing in tougher rules on the amount of personal data required to be given by people signing them. Under the plans, citizens’ proposals that go “against the values of the union” (whatever that means, but one would imagine that this petition would be honoured, however this would require honourable people to decide) will not be accepted………….

An attempt to set severe limits on the ability of European citizens to exert their democratic will is proven by the fact that all petitions are to be subjected to an admissibilty check once they reach a total of 300,000 signatures, with officials ‘themselves’ being given powers to stop any petition ‘they’ decide does not meet the requirements.

If you indeed find against the N.H.S. I ask you to sign at least a Million preferably ten Million signatures.

The N.H.S. is servant to the people of the United Kingdom.

The Government is servant to the people of the United Kingdom.

It is time for the people of this Country to stop behaving like servants to the Government.